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  1. Starscreamsfan
    Cool. I'll start sharing my scripts after you check these.

    Yes, it's really great to hear from you.
  2. Ross123
    Thanks, I'll be sure to watch these as soon as possible this time.

    Also, it's good seeing you again after being absent for 2 months.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    Incidentally, here are the two intros for my Transformers fanfic:

    Seasons 1 to 4 (http://tfregenerationone.weebly.com/...asons-1-4.html)

    Season 5 (http://tfregenerationone.weebly.com/...-season-5.html)

    Both of these descriptions are timed to themes (each of which is linked in its respective page).
  4. Starscreamsfan

    Ah, don't worry, it's pretty understandable.

    Yeah, well. I really liked the energy he added to Speedy and the Atom. He is sorely missed.
  5. Ross123
    Thanks for clarifying that for me. I'll be sure to check the website some point this week hopefully as right now I'm still getting used to the site again.

    Sorry I reply to pretty much everything usually but I barely remember any the stuff I looked at since it was back in July before I went on a hiatus when I looked at them. I pretty much just copied & pasted my opinions from a file that I made for them. So yeah, I'm blank this time around.

    So sad to hear about Pat Harrington Jr. though.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, yes. I did notice that, I kinda wish we would get superhero team-ups like this nowadays, 'cause we have a right to know who this guest guy or girl is.

    Yeah, Our Miss Brooks had that old time radio humor that just never gets old.

    And yes, Archie had more of a kid sense of humor, but those gags with the dummies and all that were most definetly the most hilarious, because those were also made thinking about the adults accompanying their children.

    Yes, it's nice when a VA really cares about his or her work, and yes, Hanna-Barbera always made a great job with their cartoons.

    Yeah, the story is pretty much a basic straightforward type of story that was kinda the norm during the 60's, but the performances are really energetic and fun.

    Also, sad news regarding one of the Titans, but Pat Harrington, Jr. (who played Speedy in here) passed away pretty recently.

    "EWWWWWWWW!!!!!" I really loved that one.
  7. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, no, it's not necessary, you just need to press the navigation button on the upper left corner and you'll get the navigation bar.

    Yeah, I mean, this show really was the most daring one of the SuperFriends era. I mean, they managed to touch upon some pretty dark stuff like Batman's origin and Superman dying. Firestorm and Cyborg were quite possibly the standout characters in the Super Powers cartoons. They were both a refreshing change of pace from the one-dimensional type of characters from the previous SuperFriends cartoons, 'cause they do have personal problems (Firestorm has to deal with being both a student and a superhero, while Cyborg is understandably upset about having robotic parts).

    Yeah, Michael Bell did a Gollum-esque voice before Andy Serkis came in!!!

    And Chris was awesome, I mean, his range was just amazing.
  8. Ross123
    Teen Titans: The Monster Machine was pretty decent. And you're right, it does feel more like it was made for radio than a cartoon which I believe it would have benefited better from but that's just me.
    Also, I found the reveal of who/what was controlling the machine to be slightly disappointing. Other than that, I will say everything else was done nicely, even though it wasn't all in my tastes for entertainment.

    The clips of Shepard Menken as the Frenchman taken from Tumbler are pretty hilarious (especially that last one).

    And that's it. That's all my opinions of the stuff you sent me that I watched/listened to.
  9. Ross123
    Given that the audience was children, so it probably wasn't intended for some1 my age. Or maybe I've just been spoiled by other sitcoms that I personally found to be funnier.

    Even though I wasn't able to enjoy Archie as much you do, I'll certainly take it over any of the live-action children sitcoms that Disney or Nickelodeon throw out there anyday.

    The poem by Olan Sole was beautiful. It shows how the VAs really enjoyed voices their respective characters (as you mentioned) and it also shows how much thought & care Hanna-Barbera put into the show. I've always respected the company as they've produced so many great shows over the years but that to show the love you have for them is truly something to admire.
  10. Ross123
    As for Archie... well how do I put this.

    First off the acting is spot on, Bob Hastings certainly is having a lot of fun as Archie like you said. Harlan Stone is also fun to listen to as Jughead. The rest of the cast do great jobs as well and the chemistry between them all is excellent, especially at the end when they're all that they'll get they what they were after at the store only to be told to return on Monday.

    The writing itself is good. There's a lot of interesting conversations between our characters mainly between Archie & Jughead, Veronica & Jughead, Veronica & the Floorwalker and finally everyone at the end.

    But the humour, for what little laughs from the children in the audience there were I didn't find any of it to that funny. The only parts I found a little at were the dummy jokes about Archie and the conversation between Jughead & Veronica.

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