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  1. WrightWay
    Yeah, it did at least get a little less forced- seems 4KMedia is trying harder with their VA work for Vrains though than in a while: I wish they'd stop using dub music by now (baffles me since Pokemon & Dinosaur King could keep it under them, in fact they kept more than TPCi does now in the case of the former even at their lowest point, so why not for Yu-Gi-Oh?) but other than that the trailer was promising for the dub. Heck, even the script was much less cheesy than usual.

    More or less the same impression on the FUNi dub of Ace Attorney- though Eric Vale could stand to differentiate his Phoenix Wright voice from his Trunks just a tad, but he is a good pick.

    Yeah, you think you know someone...on the flip side, though, it does show no one is above condemnation when they do something bad to someone else, however.

    Thanks! I appreciate that: you too.
  2. HylianBelmont
    Definitely. I do think his Yuya improved as the show went on however (once he dropped the nasally voice)

    I definitely agree there. Having watched the first few episodes of the anime, Eric Vale and Bryan Massey are definitely as fitting as I expected them to be. The lack of an accent for Edgeworth is a tad disappointing, but aside from that I like his voice as well. Though Kyle Hebert is still my favourite overall.

    I have. And it's definitely pretty sad to hear about the whole thing for sure.

    Nice to see you again, BTW.
  3. WrightWay
    I'd agree.

    His Yuri is MUCH better than his Yugo: I wish all his performances would be directed that well.

    I'm in agreement, once again- never been a fan of recasts like this, but it seems it's the norm these days so all one can do is try to accept it for what it is.

    P.S. Did you hear about Orion Acaba? I've lost all respect for him.
  4. HylianBelmont
    I "think" the idea is that he's meant to sound like Greg Abbey's Yusei. But it didn't really fit Yugo all that well to me, unfortunately.

    His Yuri did start off rather generic admittedly. But I feel he found his footing in the Synchro arc, and managed to sell Yuri's bloodlust despite the script at times, haha.

    Oh yeah, what do you think of the Funi cast for the Ace Attorney anime? I think Eric Vale is definitely a great fit for Phoenix judging from this trailer https://t.co/5Sco8TDOes and Bryan Massey is a great choice for Gumshoe on-paper as well IMO. But I was a little sad that they didn't at least keep Sam and Kyle as their respective characters, however.
  5. WrightWay
    I do agree that the ones who do fit, are fairly good, those ones being good examples.

    Agreed fully: Yugo in particular seems like a huge miscast, imo, his dub voice is way too deep.

    Michael Liscio does best with villains to me, like Yuri- he has potential, but I feel it's squandered: I was never sold on his Yuya or Clemont performances in either Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon, unsure why, but something just feels too forced to me about his takes on them (granted it's certainly not the worst I've heard from either Series dubbed in either form, but not the best either, imo).
  6. HylianBelmont
    I think the voices that are good (Like Declan, Roget, Dennis, Shay, Yuri, Barrett, Sawatari, Celina and all the returning crossover character VAs) are VERY good I would say.

    But then you have stuff like Yusho and Yugo... and while I don't think Micheal Luscio Jr is a bad VA by any means, you can tell they were really stretching his range for those two characters in particular. His Yuya voice funnily enough, would also fit the manga version of the character more than it does the anime's, haha.
  7. WrightWay
    As for the Arc V dub, it's a pity it's more or less relegated to Nicktoons over here and it doesn't get that high ratings in the US, but there are some gems among the mess there (oddly enough, Sarah Natochenny, whose Ash never grew on me, I find is a lot better as Aura in Arc V's dub), I can admit that much.
  8. WrightWay
    I'm doing good, thanks!

    Not really a fan of the dubs for either Series but I do agree on the ones the dub has portrayed best voice-over wise, Reiji (Declan) and Shun (Shay) faring the best imo.
  9. HylianBelmont
    Hey there! How are you doing? Been a while since we've talked haha, I've actually been watching some of the sub and dub Arc-V myself. And I definitely like it a lot more than Zexal so far, that's for sure. My favourite characters so far are Declan Akaba, Yuto, Satawari and Celina I'd say!

    Also, I definitely think the dub is better directed then Zexal's, though obviously the scripting isn't ideal though (as amusing as I find some of the goofy lines regardless, I can acknowledge when they go a bit too far with it XD) and Yugo, Skip and Gong's voices are probably the ones I care for the least. I think Yugo sounding like Yusei is a cool idea "on paper" but I don't feel it was executed very well here sadly (perhaps it'll grow on me in the future?)
  10. WrightWay
    I'd agree, really.

    Hmm...Scott McNeil oddly does sound like a good fit for Gumshoe, actually.

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