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  1. martyyahar
    Ah I gotcha, thanks for the info. Good luck on the submissions!
  2. Jackson_H
    Gotcha! My bad for not specifically stating so but any thread I've locked myself but is still incomplete is something I personally am interested in adding. I usually do prefer to get my own photos (hope you aren't offended; but I'm simply more comfortable seeking out HD or HQ footage myself and then compressing/resizing the screenshots myself), but... I do find the photos users like you provide to be helpful (maybe I end up liking your character pose/expression!) or there are sometimes cases where a lesser known character's name isn't specifically stated within dialogue so someone else more familiar with a certain VA's voice can help ID that character. So long story short I'm fine with you keeping the photos but if you need to free up space on your photo album do what's best for you.
  3. martyyahar
    Oh, I don't mean completed requests, but ones like Harlock Saga where a request is locked without it being considered any kind of priority or being marked as taken by a staffer. I'm unsure if you're filling the request or locking it because you are getting images and whatnot yourself.
  4. Jackson_H
    If a request has been completed already the thread is usually locked so you're free to delete the images as I assume everything posted has been added to the database.

    If there's a specific thread of yours you want to point out feel free to mention and I'll let you know of its status.
  5. martyyahar
    Hey there, JacksonH. Gotta question to ask: are you using any of my images (including covers and banners) for the anime requests you locked?

    Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why you locked them, just making sure deleting those images from my Imgur won't mess up what you're doing.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. martyyahar
    Aye aye! I can't say i'll do all of them soon, either, but i will try at least a few.
  7. Jackson_H
    I wasn't planning to work on any of those anime titles you listed in the near future so go ahead with those requests. As long as the pics are good quality, one of the mods will probably be more than happy to complete your requests.
  8. martyyahar
    Hey there, i've been working on getting better images/ credits on a anime/ animation few pages. May i go thru with these requests? If not all of them, which ones should be avoided?

    This is what i got on my agenda:

    >Bubblegum Crisis
    >Descendants of Darkness
    >Duel Masters (first season)
    >Fantastic Planet
    >Fushigi Yugi
    >Initial D (remaining material, when i get around to finishing what i've seen already)
    >Kiki's Delivery Service (finding better images for what's already on the page)
    >Magic Night Rayearth
    >Martian Successor Nadesico
    >Outlaw Star
    >Ranma 1/2 (finding better images for already posted characters, and the movies)
    >Rurouni Kenshin
    >To Heart (dubbed season)
    >Weiss Kreuz
    >World of Narue
    >Zatch Bell

    If by some chance i take too long to reach any of these, don't worry about dibs or anything. I've also been working on stuff not on the site yet at all, like Dallos and Miami Guns. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon.

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