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  1. Gatch
    Yes Veronica Taylor was the best Ash Ketchum/Satoshi. The new voice actress for Ash sounds similar but when you hear her you just know that it isn't the original. I suppose people can get used to new voices, you wouldn't believe how many VA have been replaced in the world of voice acting.
  2. OldSchoolFTW
    You too! Oh, and I loved Veronica Taylor's Ash as well. She's my favorite for the role, hands down.
    I was really upset when the dub switch happened, and when the actors were replaced, but I'm okay with it now. I still prefer the 4Kids dub and the original English VAs, though. ^^
  3. Gatch
    Hi nice to meet you to ^_^
  4. OldSchoolFTW
    Hey there. Nice to meet you!

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