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  1. Troodon2
    Well I can't deny neither Scott Menville, nor Grey Griffin can do voices for younger characters, but I kind'a don't see Mae as Armin, might make him sound too girlish for his age. (Yes I know he was voiced by a woman in the original dub, but still)

    Nolan North could make a good Hannes, though I kinda see him more as Eld Jinn or Ness.
    Eg Daily as Annie... I don't know, I think her voice would be too deep and boy-like for her. Cam Clarke could work for Jean, though looking back at my previous dub I'd say Will Friedle would be a better pick for the tone of the character. Cam may even be a better pick for Hannes.
  2. huzaifa_ahmed
    If you care to give more in-depth critique on what your idea of AoT's casting should be, I'd be happy to listen.
  3. Troodon2
    It's alright.
  4. huzaifa_ahmed
    So what do you think about my AoT cast?
  5. huzaifa_ahmed
    Hey, took me awhile to find this page, but: starting with Mordor...no, I havent played it, I may check it out down the line for the sake of Liam & Jack Fletcher, but I'm not that impressed by what I've heard as I am for, say, TLoU or Bioshock I or older stuff like Shadow of Colossus or Metal Gear (which I'm trying to find subs for)

    I havent read the DN dreamcasts, but I'm sure interested now! ;D
  6. Troodon2
    Did you read the Death Note dreamcasts?
  7. Troodon2
    What do you think of the game, Shadow of Mordor. If you haven't played it, then did you check out the gameplay?
  8. Troodon2
    Would you care to share your input on this topic?


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