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  1. TylerMirage
    Hmm. At first glance, I don't see why not. It's a legitimate production.
  2. IMB
    Would this qualify as something requestable on the site? The show is live-action but all performances in both Japanese and English are dubbed in.
  3. TylerMirage
    Ha ha, no problem. Use your time for something more productive.
  4. IMB
    Thank you for saving me from watching a Norm of the North sequel, haha. There's at least two more on the way!

    How stringent is that "no anime requests" rule? I'm kind of tempted to tackle (with some reservations) Bakugan Battle Planet before the episode count becomes too intimidating to bother with. The show hasn't aired in any other language than English and it has proper credits.
  5. IMB
    I just noticed I posted this thread in the wrong place. That was meant to be a request for an animation studio page. Should be in here. Sorry.

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