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  1. martyyahar
    Late, but glad i could help! It's completely understandable to be nervous about interacting with people.
  2. MasterBlaster
    That's good to hear. I was worried it would have been a smidge worse than I thought, so I'm glad to hear that's not the case!

    Same here. Sometimes, I do tend to get nervous because I'm either unsure how people will react or if they're even gonna react at all. Admittedly, I joined this site because I love voice actors, same as everyone else, and I wanted to help out any way I can and make friends. It's not everyday you get to be in a clique of sorts, filled with people who share the same interests as you, after all.

    Yeah, that is true. God knows I used to struggle quite a bit at being social with people. Nowadays, I admittedly feel as though I have gotten better and better at socializing in my attempts over the past five years. Though, I am somewhat still bad at coming up with topics to talk about and initiating conversation as a whole. Still, practice makes perfect, as they say.

    Sorry for the somewhat sizable infodump here, man, but thanks, dude, I appreciate it.
  3. martyyahar
    Ayy, don't worry about it! I'm not super duper sick or anything, and this stuff gives me something to do whilst bedridden (but i will take a bit due to me focussing on anime stuff). And the awkward phrasing isn't a problem since you cleared it up. I'm glad you're trying to be more sociable, i know that's not an easy thing for everyone to do. Ya got my support, i know what it's like to deal with things of that nature.
  4. MasterBlaster
    Sorry to hear you're sick, man. I know that can be the absolute worst, sometimes. I hope you make a speedy recovery and get better soon, though!

    Good to hear about the requests, though. Can't wait to see what you have cooked up! Just be sure to pace yourself on them--I can imagine working on requests while sick feels like double-work, and that, in and of itself, doesn't sound like fun.

    No problem, man. Oh, no, I was just a bit wondering about you, since I noticed you've been taking a break from requests and the like. I'm also trying to break out of my shell a little more in an attempt to be more sociable and talkative on here. Just wanted to break the ice and strike up a conversation. God knows I'm terrible at that, lol.

    Sorry if I sounded ominous in any way, though.
  5. martyyahar
    I'm doing good emotionally, at least. Just got sick again. I haven't been posting on the site due to burnout from making a bunch of posts last month. I am working on more requests and stuff, though. Thanks for stopping by.

    As a side note there something I need to know? You seemed concerned. Did i do something wrong?
  6. MasterBlaster
    Hey there, Uriel! How are ya? Hope you're doing okay. If you happen to need help with anything, just let me know, 'kay?

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