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  1. ArchangelSings
    LOL its all good man. This site doesnt like tell you when u have a new forum message, so it's ez to forget. And honestly I tend to just use teh forum bit if I'm PM'ing people, if I dont get their e-mail. For the most part if you have something to say to someone you can prob do it in the casting call or wat not
  2. GraveMan88
    For one thing, I'm sorry about the late reply too. I'm not too big on forums but this seems like the easiest way to get into contact with some of the people on BTVA that seem, well, cool. I thought I'd just ask for help about the forums... lol
  3. ArchangelSings
    AH SORRY!!! I'M JUST NOW SEEING THIS!! I FEEL REALLY BAD NOW! *See's its too weeks old* Whatcha need help w/?
  4. GraveMan88
    So.. you're my only friend on this and I have no idea what to do. Help? lol

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