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  1. IMB

    This isn't the U.S. dub and there are multiple reasons to think it's not the Hong Kong one, either. A friend of mine thinks it could be some Viz Media Europe commissioned dub produced in France. Do the voices match anyone you know?
  2. Kioea
    This is the Canadian cast again. I recognise Ken as Asterix, Ernst as Obelix, Jason as Unhygienix, and Scott as Fulliautomatix. Not sure if that's still John as Getafix, but I don't see why it wouldn't be. It seems that Australia and New Zealand are getting the Canadian version first, like with the last film.
  3. IMB

    Caesar sounds a lot like Mark Oliver, but I don't really recognize the other members. I'd suggest that maybe this was a stunt cast re-recorded version like the UK got with Mansions, but there's no mention of the celebs in the trailer.
  4. Kioea
    Thanks for sharing. I actually did know about this, but I've never figured out a good way to address it. I guess it may need to be, with the movie coming out and all.
  5. IMB
    Here are some Parisian VAs in something a bit more adult than usual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCa8ZdLw_lU
  6. Kioea
    That's interesting. I've seen it stated that the UK release/dub will come out in August (which make its release faster than Mansions of the Gods), but that's only on IMDB, and I haven't found anything to back it up elsewhere (so, at this point, dubious).

    I'll mention one thing - if they do have a Canadian dub again, it may not be released in Canada (at least before the home release as a second language option). Rather, like Mansions of the Gods, it might have its first release in Singapore. That might be a good area to keep an eye on (although we probably won't hear for several months).

    Also, I'm probably less of an Asterix fan than I've made myself out to be (although I am committed to filling up the gaps in voice knowledge through proper research), but the last movie was hilarious, and as this one is by the same team, I have high hopes.
  7. IMB
    You seem to be a big Asterix fan. Thought I'd let you know that the new movie is getting a Canadian release in February: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkGqjFUkMiY No word on an English version yet, but if I spot anything I'll be sure to share.

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