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  1. GreenGoblin75
    Going back to Transformers: The Movie, I think you should be fine to watch it without watching the series as that's what I did the first time I watched it.

    I still find it interesting that Toei worked on the movie.
  2. huzaifa_ahmed
    Indeed I did! Did not know it was by 4C. I don't think people refer to it as anime & I think the direction might've been more like an American show using the JP studio for a workhorse. But regardless its pretty cool.
  3. GreenGoblin75
    Just curious, have you seen Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox?

    I thought it was interesting that they got the Japanese animation studio Studio 4C to do the animation.
  4. GreenGoblin75
    Okay, fair enough.

    I more so meant missing part of the story in general with subs, which you explained.
  5. huzaifa_ahmed
    btw sorry for that harsh, maybe rude critique of KZS's work. I haven't truthfully played enough to comment, to be honest.
  6. huzaifa_ahmed
    I guess the main reason I'm playing this series this way is I feel the dub is unsatisfactorily removed from the game's production. It sounds weird to say, because MGS is one of the most Hollywood-influenced JP works, but, in a word, the dub feels kind of..whitewashed. FWIH interviews, it was less treated as a dub of Kojima's game & more just "another" version of the game. The standout/obvious differences being Solid/us/Naked/Boss Snake, Liquid, & Raiden's voices. To some extent Otacon & Gray Fox's as well.

    The accents in MGS's dub don't seem very genuine at all, as well. From the one level I've played, at least. I do think it got better later on, though..
  7. huzaifa_ahmed
    With MGS, or just foreign stuff in general?

    In the former...I don't really have many options for good translations, I'm using the dub script which is...it seems to be mostly accurate, but some colloquialism thrown in that reminds me that my reference is not actually a translation of what I'm hearing. I have to repeat some stuff & consult JP experts.

    In general...yeah, I do. Less so than this roundabout way I'm getting MGS translated...but I do feel like a lot of nuance is lost on me. 99% of anime is made in Japanese basicly because audience (tho ofc Hollywood is king of excluding every other language, lol), & while I can listen and deal, I know I'm missing quite a bit of what the intended experience is. I do think you lose either way even if subs don't *alter* anything.
  8. GreenGoblin75
    Cool to hear.

    Do you ever feel like you're missing anything with subs?
  9. huzaifa_ahmed
    FWIW: interestingly, Substance, Integral, & Subsistence were all dub-only in Japan, just because Kojima liked the idea of MGS being in English (which is why he got involved in the English version around MGS5, which is also part of why he replaced Hayter btw).

    Although with that said, Substance & Subsistence I believe are in Japanese on the HD/TLC ver. I wonder if they have dual audio actually...I think KH 1.5 might have it in Japan actually...

    Anyways I may make a dream cast for MGS properly now that I've played it in full. Especially as I get through the later titles. I really like the idea of David Forseth as Snake, for some reason. & Liam O'Brien as Otacon, with Corey Burton as Liquid.
  10. huzaifa_ahmed
    I was really lucky to get scripts (they're just dub scripts which aren't quite enough & I can tell some differences just listening) & be able to play it raw; I wonder why we've never had either official dual audio nor a fan-produced undub (loads of games with better dubs have undubs &/or dual audio out there).

    I definitely enjoyed one of the best games I've ever played (finished just yesterday!), & that's with 20 years of games based on MGS's innovations. Says a whole lot.

    That said, I'm debating Substance for PC (dub-only) over emulating PS2 JP ver. Substance works really well but PS2 ver. is harder than MGS3 emulation weirdly. Either I get odd (IMO) dub+great visuals/speed, or very slow/bad visuals. (altho I could upgrade my computer but that's..daunting)

    I may purchase either (JP) HD collection or TLC which I plan to anyway for MGS4, although I do want to play the dubs too (great union VAs). PS3 is region-free so that's great.

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