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  1. Marusero
    Are you there?
  2. Marusero
    Hey, do you remember responding to a post of mine after I suggested some VAs for a Toronto-based cast for the Sonic series? Here's the link, in case you're curious: https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com...t=2658&page=25

    By the way, what do you think of my suggestions so far?
  3. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    Another gripe I've had with the Sonic franchise how they always seem to make Shadow look more powerful than Sonic when they are supposed to be equal in power, speed and abilities.

    I really hope they fix that error.
  4. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    Don't worry about me, I'm all right.

    Anyway, what I said about Junichi as Sonic basically applies to what I think of the rest of the Japanese cast.

    Not sure if you've ever seen Fate/Zero, but Tomokazu Seki (who voiced Werehog Sonic) voices a character called Gilgamesh in that series and his performance as that character makes me believe he'd make for a great Vegeta. I also think that aside from Goku, Hiyama could also work as Vegeta.
  5. Marusero
    You there?
  6. Marusero
    Haha, thanks. While I do think there could be better picks for Japanese!Goku than Jun'ichi, I kinda thought he'd be interesting, since he voices a character who was, in a sense, inspired by Goku. Heck, that character's home series has a lot of Dragon Ball references.

    Romi and Nobuyuki would be cool, too: I can see them working well.
  7. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    You know, I liked your idea of Junichi as Goku. He wouldn't be my first choice for a Nozawa successor, but he'd be fine.

    I also always liked the idea of Romi Park or Nobuyuki Hiyama in the role.
  8. Marusero
    Fair enough, man; fair enough.

    I… didn't expect that, but okay. In all seriousness, though, I do agree that Jun'ichi is the best Sonic voice in Japanese, but I think the others you mentioned are alright, too. I still have Tetsuya Kakihara in mind as a decent successor to the role, though I do understand how you feel.
  9. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    It's just not that interesting to me, I'm afraid.

    At this point, though, it's rather hard for me to envision anyone else doing a better job than Junichi Kanemaru playing Sonic. Still can't believe that Kappei Yamaguchi, Toshio Furukawa and Takeshi Kusao played him.
  10. Marusero
    Pretty interesting. Would you perhaps like to explain why you think it's just okay? Just curious, is all.

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