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  1. rosebr10
    Hey, sorry man. I'll need more time to get around to you; my current life is just too haphazard to be able to sit down and do this at a set time. Hopefully the consistency of names and roles in the newest entry in the Olympic Games series resolves some of these but in the meantime any headway I do make in my research will have to be played entirely by ear. I hope you understand.
  2. rosebr10

    Sugimoto and Goto seems straightforward enough. No harm going ahead with that logic. I'll have a bit more free time in the latter half of February. I'll see if I can pencil in some research time for this series (and you) then.
  3. technickal
    You get my PM?
  4. technickal
    Got good news and bad news related to Pokémon. Reached out to Roxanne Beck. She confirmed she was Rebecca (your theory was correct!), but deconfirmed Aya and Sabrina.

    On an unrelated note, who do you think Masato Mizuta voiced in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash? There don't seem to be any Monty Moles in the game. I thought he was the JP announcer, but watched a Japanese trailer and it's still Scott Burns, the English announcer.

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