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  1. ArchangelSings
    Yeah buT idk if that update'll just affect the casting calls or not D; And yeah if they made the forum more of an intergral part like merging all this stuff with the main profile it would make it more accessible cause currently it's like, pointless LOL like why DO we have the friend thing, besides to have it LOL
  2. mintydubs
    Yeah, to be honest I wish the forum side of the site was more popular but I guess out ca n't be helped. :/ still, I think it's getting an upgrade soon, according to the banner at the top. Can't wait for that!
  3. ArchangelSings
    Lol yeah. Granted I havent really used it yet. I tend to end up just like e-mailing the peeps that I end up talking to most lol after like initial like "oh hohohohohohoh you wanna do a VA thing together fo sho fo sho what's you're e-mail" or just using the regular like visitor chat. It's kinda weird that we have two like vistor message zones you know? It was confusing at first lol
  4. mintydubs
    lol yeah same here quq but the forum is a pretty nice feature!
  5. ArchangelSings
    No problem :3 I really need to make a habit of checking these more LOL
  6. mintydubs
    Thanks for approving my friend request, Archie!

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