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  1. NitroEX
    Funimation's Kai dub is a huge improvement over their Z dub. Loved pretty much all of their replacement actors, especially Frieza, Gohan and the narrator (although I still prefer Saffron Henderson & Doc Harris overall).

    I'm still not a fan of Chris Sabat playing both Piccolo and Vegeta, especially with the voices becoming more and more similar. I also dislike Eric Vale's raspy voice for Trunks, I think that's a bit of a downgrade.

    Overall, aside from a few rushed sounding line reads, I think it's fine. That being said, Kai has another set of issues with the music that kind of spoil the whole thing for me. I haven't really seen the Buu arc stuff yet.
  2. GreenGoblin75
    Hey Nitro, I've recently watched the Pioneer dubs of Dead Zone and Tree of Might (will watch World's Strongest soon) and I have to say they were awesome. Way better than the FUNimation versions of those movies.

    Don Brown, Scott McNeil, and Ward Perry (really cool he got to play three different characters) were the standouts, in my opinion.

    And while I still prefer Sean, I really enjoyed PK. All three Ocean Gokus were good.

    Also, just curious, but what do you think of FUNimation's Kai dub?
  3. GreenGoblin75
    Yeah, that'd be nice. Shame about Ocean Kai.
  4. NitroEX
    Nice to hear! And yes, I did grow up in the UK with a variety of Dragonball dubs including all the Canadian ones so I'm quite fond of many of the Ocean voices. Aside from Dragonball I also just enjoy their work as actors and find them to be a very talented group. In an ideal world they'd get a second chance to dub the series uncut but unfortunately that's not happening under the current circumstances.
  5. GreenGoblin75
    Those clips you shared in the DBZ VC thread really showed how good a Gohan Brad Swaile, I might like him more than Kyle Hebert now. Or at least tied.

    I'm guessing you're a pretty big fan of the Ocean dub?

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