Anakin Skywalker

Franchise: Star Wars
Most Reprisals:Matt Lanter (voiced in 8 titles)

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Coming from a humble beginning as a slave on Tatooine, Anakin Skywalker would eventually become one of the most significant member of the Star Wars franchise. After being discovered by Qui-Gon Jinn, Anakin was thrust into the world of the Jedi and the Sith. During his training he not only fell in love, something forbidden for Jedi but he was also manipulated and brain washed by the ruthless Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. His youth and immaturity proved to be as dangerous as the other Jedi had feared. His lust for power eventually caused him to betray the Jedi and become a Sith Lord himself. It was at this point that Anakin Skywalker ceased to exist and Darth Vader was born.

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said at 2:39 AM on Sat Apr 2 2016
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Hayden Christansen should've reprised his role as Anakin in Star Wars Rebels. Just about all Other Star Wars Actors did, even James Earl Jones for Darth Vader (who Anakin is of course).
said at 10:35 PM on Tue Dec 22 2015
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I just realized why Luke was hidden on Tatooine, its because Anakin didn't like sand.
said at 8:56 PM on Wed Dec 23 2015
said at 4:21 PM on Sun Oct 11 2015
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Many would thank Clone Wars for making Anakin into a more likeable and compelling hero. And I couldn't disagree even if I wanted to.

Matt Lanter did a fantastic job as Anakin as well.
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Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker

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