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said at 2:52 AM on Fri Apr 27 2018
Daisuke Ono and David Stanbra were both perfect fits. Xander Mobus does alright as well, but I still think Lex Lang would have been a better replacement however.
said at 12:25 PM on Tue Apr 24 2018
I'm sorry but as much as I like Xander Mobus he was NOT a good choice for Kaze.

I honestly think he would've fit Saizo better.

His voice felt way to rough for the calm and compassionate and sounded oddly condescending at times. I really wish they had gotten Mark Whitten, Ben Lepley or Ben Diskin instead. Any one of them would've been way better matches for Stanbra's voice.
said at 11:36 PM on Wed Apr 25 2018
@Soul-dragon I disagree with you. I like Xander as Kaze. I don't hear any ounce of condescension in any of Xander's lines as Kaze. Not to mention, you can have a fairly "rough" voice and still be calm and compassionate.

To me, while Kaze was my favorite male character from Fates, his voice wasn't one of my favorites in Fates, so I'm honestly glad that it's not a clear-cut voice match to Stanbra's performance.
said at 8:01 PM on Thu Apr 26 2018
@KazeNinja17 "Not to mention, you can have a fairly "rough" voice and still be calm and compassionate."

Case in point, Lukas in FE Echoes. Greg Chun's voice is even rougher/huskier than Mobus' as Kaze, yet he still plays calm and friendly characters.
said at 2:50 AM on Fri Apr 27 2018
@KazeNinja17 Fair enough. But I still think they could have picked someone else as his replacement. Regardless there's not much point in me complaining about that now, haha.
said at 6:09 AM on Tue Jun 7 2016
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David Stanbra sounded so cool, calm and collected as Kaze, and you gotta love his delivery of the line "The pain will pass!" as well!
said at 2:27 PM on Sun Jul 2 2017
@HylianBelmont I like both "The pain will pass!" and "I'll make this quick!". XD Simply because, for some reason, my Kaze's attacks ALWAYS activate as Lethality and those lines work so well with it...
said at 5:15 AM on Mon Jul 3 2017
@Beldarius Oh yeah I liked that one as well!

I recall always finding it awesome when Lon'qu said that line after activating Lethality in Awakening for the same reason.
said at 4:54 PM on Wed Apr 25 2018
@HylianBelmont Can I ask what you think of Xander Mobus's take?
said at 2:49 AM on Fri Apr 27 2018
@Soul-dragon It's just "alright" really. Though it sounds too similar to Innes for my liking at times however.
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