Franchise: Fire Emblem
Most Reprisals:Jason Adkins (voiced in 6 titles)
Michihiko Hagi Japanese (voiced in 7 titles)

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NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:49 AM on Sat Jun 16 2018
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I kind of wish SSBU used Greg for POR Ike but kept Jason for RD Ike.
said at 4:31 PM on Fri Jul 13 2018
@NCZ That actually would have been a nice "best of both worlds" approach IMO.
said at 5:44 PM on Fri Jul 21 2017
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Kill me for saying this but I think Greg Chun did a better job as Ike than Jason Adkins!
said at 6:16 AM on Mon Sep 18 2017
@Soul-dragon If he didn't sound exactly like Lukas, Ephraim, and Eldigan. Maybe I'd agree.

But for the foreseeable future... my favourite voice and performance for Ike remains the one he had in Radiant Dawn.
said at 4:56 PM on Sun Jul 2 2017
Hm. The English voice is a lot higher than the Japanese one. ...I didn't expect a muscled guy like Ike to sound like that, tbh...
said at 6:13 AM on Mon Sep 18 2017
@Beldarius I'm fine with it. Not all big necessarily "have" to sound deep IMO.
said at 6:17 AM on Mon Sep 18 2017
Big guys*
said at 10:24 PM on Sat May 20 2017
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My friends :(
King Marth 64
said at 10:12 AM on Tue Apr 25 2017
Too bad that Nintendo didn't get Mad Dog Studio to have Jason Adkins to return to voice Ike back for Heroes like they did for CodeName: S.T.E.A.M. and Fire Emblem Fates.
King Marth 64
said at 2:30 PM on Tue Apr 25 2017
@King Marth 64 I meant Bad Animals Studio not Mad Dog.
said at 12:40 AM on Tue Apr 25 2017
I actually always thought that Jason Adkins as Ike in POR specifically was a pretty big miscast (He suited RD Ike SO much better in comparison) so I think Greg Chun was a pretty solid replacement for the younger Ike personally. He sounds like Jason Adkins Radiant Dawn take, but younger.
said at 3:57 PM on Sun Jun 5 2016
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I personally do not fully understand the hate that Codename S.T.E.A.M.'s performance of Ike is getting. I honestly believe it is one of the better performance for Ike. As well in Fates, guaranteed it isn't best, but I also say it isn't as bad as that everyone makes it up to be IMO.
said at 9:51 AM on Thu Sep 1 2016
@Webmike1 The only lines from Ike I don't like in Fates are his "get ready!" and "sorry friend!" everything is else is fine really. In particular his delivery of the line "No holding back!" is great!

He's been a fitting voice actor for the character ever since RD I'd say.
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