Franchise: Fire Emblem
Most Reprisals:Misty Lee (voiced in 2 titles)
Miyuki Sawashiro Japanese (voiced in 3 titles)

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said at 3:29 PM on Fri Jul 7 2017
Not going to lie I really hate Camilla. She's plain boring and creepy, and I have a feeling that she's only extremely popular because of her extremely unusual figure which really pisses me off, because it makes everyone overlook some of the amazing characters in Fates (like Hinoka, Rinkah, Keaton, Kiragi etc) and pay more attention to her just because of the way she looks. But regardless both Tiso and Lee sounded great in the role!
said at 1:59 AM on Fri Feb 3 2017
I still prefer Paula Tiso slightly. However Misty Lee does a wonderful job as Camilla as well:)
said at 4:51 AM on Thu Apr 21 2016
Paula really nailed the "big sister" aspect of Camilla's character down to a T. She also made her sound very likable! I don't understand why this performance gets so much hate from some people honestly.
said at 6:31 AM on Wed Oct 19 2016
@HylianBelmont Paula is a tad raspier & older-sounding (more like an older lady, which she is), just going by this clip (havent played the game).

It sounds fine to me, but it's interesting that either Paula or Rena Strober mentioned that they didn't get Japanese reference for this game, & yet the rhythm of the performance is almost exactly the same...weird.
said at 6:50 AM on Wed Oct 19 2016
@huzaifa_ahmed I LOVE how different her voice sounds! I can close my eyes and hear "Camilla" when I listen to it.

Did Rena Strober mention that in one of her interviews? I'm kinda scared to look because it reminds me of how people took her words out of context to smear the Treehouse and Kris Zimmerman-Salter.
said at 12:32 PM on Mon May 1 2017
@HylianBelmont Well I really like KZS as a voice director (moreso on prelay stuff, but dubs too) so I definitely wouldnt want to smear her...& Treehouse sounds like a really cool place too...
said at 2:13 PM on Mon May 1 2017
@huzaifa_ahmed Treehouse probably is a pretty cool place to work at, I'd imagine!

But yeah, personally I think she does a great job at directing both kind of products.
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