Light Yagami / Kira

Franchise: Death Note
Most Reprisals:Brad Swaile (voiced in 3 titles)
Mamoru Miyano Japanese (voiced in 3 titles)

Popularity: 112th All Time, 103rd This Week

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Voice of Light Yagami / Kira

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said at 2:58 PM on Tue Aug 22 2017
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Both Brad and Mamoru did an excellent job voicing Light. They went all out and beyond. Not every voice actor can do that you know. It takes a certain level of talent and experience.
said at 10:32 AM on Thu Aug 17 2017
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Honestly, I feel as if Brad Swaile did a better job than Mamoru Miyano in this role.
Clare Gundersen
said at 6:27 PM on Sun Apr 30 2017
He'll take a potato chip...AND EAT IT!
said at 2:13 PM on Wed Nov 16 2016
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Light is such a tragic character: his original intention is only to use the Death Note to make criminals pay for all the crimes they committed against innocent people, but gradually, with power he goes crazy, and views himself as a literal God, and it's at that point he loses his humanity and becomes the very villain he wanted to eradicate altogether.

Oh, and Brad Swaile is just as good as Mamoru Miyano is in the role, if not even better.
said at 7:36 AM on Thu Sep 7 2017
@WrightWay I thought of Light as a tragic "hero" but not like this; your view on him was elaborately put.
said at 2:53 PM on Fri Jul 29 2016
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One of Brad Swaile most powerful performance damn was he good as Light
said at 9:33 PM on Fri Nov 27 2015
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Watch death note to completion until the second to last episode ending and stop there. Perfect ending
said at 4:20 AM on Mon Feb 29 2016
Nope. Light got what he deserved in the last episode.
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