Behind the Voice Actors proudly announces the nominees of the 1st Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards.

Many many hours have been spent by the team at BTVA researching, debating and voting in order to come up with what we feel are the most worthy voice related performances and projects from the past year. This year's awards covers 25 different categories which cover all things voice related. Not only do we have our overall individual awards but we also have specific categories for Television, Feature Films, Video Games and Direct-To-Video/TV Specials as well as Anime titles requiring dubbed voices.

The official winners of the 1st Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards, as chosen by the Administrative Team at Behind the Voice Actors will be revealed to the public on April 1st 2012.

We invite you to vote for your choice in each of the 25 categories as well. You can only vote for one nominee in each category. We will reveal the winners of the "People's Choice" (voted by registered members of BTVA) selections alongside the Official Winners (chosen by BTVA Staff), following the same schedule outlined above.

Please select an option below to navigate your way through our different award sections.

Congratulations to each of our Nominees!