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Seymour Ovarku Jim Nickabocker ChronoRabbit Dogman15 LordCrehavos MasakoX BobcatXtreme Cydonia LM-G1 TwilitWing BloodRedOath Hayabusa47 Mrbipolar CatsTuxedo Jmanvii Rikka luciouscbt Martin Perks Bree Azure Kino mizura Felinafullstop GoldenrodGirl sydsnap The Pawt chibiansem02 Hathor Liderc Kovabomb Tyler James Thompson AMT Senile-Snake Kuro630 Mirne SheilaMGagne voiceofrei ThisIsoRickx Strikernofear chococrepes nvansistine Koichi_Saito TabbyKat Koivo PurpleMokona101 Michelle Deco tripredravage Soldierkei TuxedoTaargus Sarah AWIG Mewsel Corey Barba asmithhers OdellAtkinson SCP21 Cybergemini MrLeekspin evanASF27 vendingmachine Cypo MightyMoose SteveP awsmith2006 EliteF50 vernsmith49 Dillon Taylor Gonax pickle131 animefangel Shadowlink4321 Red524 FoxyLee13 SacredTear MegaMac Calavera Insanefoo AirZach DanKotori Octopimp Tara St. Michel Estellise RitsukaFlame NeumanProductions diariles xapth YukariKanashii88 Sarahcfgirl RiverK
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said at 12:27 AM on Wed Jun 20 2012
My problem was I had the flu during the whole week. I think I did very well considering.
said at 10:39 PM on Tue Jun 19 2012
These are some beautiful performances!
I would have the hardest time picking 16 of them D:
said at 6:53 PM on Tue Jun 19 2012
Hm...I dont think i did that terribly, although the drill sergeant part was the hardest for my voice. That may have been my downfall v__v
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 4:04 AM on Wed Jun 20 2012
@FoxyLee13 I wouldn't use the word "terrible" at all for any of the performances. none were terrible. anyone who we gave a callback we saw as having potential to go all the way.
but at the end of the day we picked those who had overall best auditions and/or callbacks. and for those where the judges did not agree on unanimously, we dissected auditions/callbacks to determine who would take the remaining spots.
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