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All members of BTVA are welcome to submit a performance for voice acting practice or just for fun! See below for details.

Congratulations to those who have been chosen to participate in our Callback Auditions for Season 2 of 'Act Your Voice Out'. It means that we liked what we heard from you in your Open Auditions and thought you had potential and we want to give you another shot at becoming one of our 16 finalists!

All of the Auditions that were chosen for callbacks will need to submit a second audition in order to be considered for one of our finalist positions.

Unlike your Open Audition, where you were free to do any voice, any emotion, any character and any line, we are asking you to do some specific things for your Callback Auditions.

Your Callback Audition will consist of 4 trials. The important part here is giving us a believable voice acting performance that displays the following emotions and requirements.

Note: Each performance does not need to be filled entirely with the required emotion, but it needs to be the dominant emotion.
eg. for "Joy/Excitement" the beginning can be normal and then build up to excitement.

Perform the monologue below and give us your interpretation of a character that has had a hard life, is depressed and believes life is destined to be like this forever.

• Key Emotion: Sadness
• Voice: Any voice/age
• Type: Serious/Dramatic

"People are always telling me to smile, like smiling is going to just take away all the hurt and pain. Well I've tried that. I've tried hiding my sorrows and covering the sadness in smiles. And what I've learned is that when it hurts this much inside, your heart always has a way of showing it, no matter how many masks you wear."
Perform the monologue below and give us your version of an army drill sergeant who is sick of new cadets not understanding the sacrifices a soldier needs to make in war.

• Key Emotion: Anger/Rage
• Voice: Created voice
• Type: Serious/Authoritative

"We dont ever quit Privates! You keep shooting till you're out of ammunition, you throw grenades then you start in with the bayonet and when you break that off, you use your rifle as a club! When you break that up, you go hand to hand till they get you, and the last thing you better do in life is sink your teeth into the bad guy's ankle as you lay there dying! Cause this is the ARMY and the INFANTRY and we don't quit until we're dead!"
Create/borrow dialogue that portrays a character's youthful excitement about something. Note: "youthful" can mean an old person being excited about say winning the lottery. It's youthful energy, not age.

• Key Emotion: Joy/Excitement
• Voice: Any voice/age
• Type: Serious or Cartoony
• Length: Less than 20 seconds
Create/borrow dialogue that portrays an evil and maniacal character (eg. mad scientist, witch/warlock, supervillain) looking forward to their villainous plans succeeding.

• Key Emotion: Insanity/Anticipation
• Voice: Created voice
• Type: Cartoony
• Challenge: Must include a distinct laugh
• Length: Less than 20 seconds

JUDGING: Each Trial accounts for one quarter of your overall score. And each Trial will be scored individually based on your voice acting as well as capturing each of the requirements.

Deadline for Callbackers: Monday June 11, 2012 at 11:59pm PST
• Voting/elimination rounds will begin after the Finalists have been selected.
• Members given a Callback will be dubbed "Callbackers".
• Members participating in the "Behind-The-Scenes" part of the contest will be dubbed "BTSers".
If you're a Callbacker or a BTSer, please to submit your performance.

Didn't audition in this season's AYVO? No worries. You can submit a voice acting performance just for fun! Just .

89 Callbackers Have Approved Callbacks:

Seymour , Ovarku , Jim Nickabocker , ChronoRabbit , Dogman15 , LordCrehavos , MasakoX , BobcatXtreme , Cydonia , LM-G1 , TwilitWing , BloodRedOath , Hayabusa47 , Mrbipolar , CatsTuxedo , Jmanvii , Rikka , luciouscbt , Martin Perks , Bree , , Kino , mizura , Felinafullstop , GoldenrodGirl , sydsnap , The Pawt , chibiansem02 , Hathor Liderc , Kovabomb , Tyler James Thompson , AMT , Senile-Snake , Kuro630 , Mirne , SheilaMGagne , voiceofrei , ThisIsoRickx , Strikernofear , chococrepes , nvansistine , Koichi_Saito , TabbyKat , Koivo , PurpleMokona101 , Michelle Deco , tripredravage , Soldierkei , TuxedoTaargus , Sarah , AWIG , Mewsel , Corey Barba , asmithhers , OdellAtkinson , SCP21 , Cybergemini , MrLeekspin , evanASF27 , vendingmachine , Cypo , MightyMoose , SteveP , awsmith2006 , EliteF50 , vernsmith49 , Dillon Taylor , Gonax , pickle131 , animefangel , Shadowlink4321 , Red524 , FoxyLee13 , SacredTear , MegaMac , Calavera , Insanefoo , AirZach , DanKotori , Octopimp , Tara St. Michel , Estellise , RitsukaFlame , NeumanProductions , diariles , xapth , YukariKanashii88 , Sarahcfgirl , RiverK

43 BTSers Have Approved Performances:

JoeyKat , DeepC , ChibiSammii , NightSurfer , ichigara , TwoDoorCafeClub , SmartyBoyboy , JAB1190 , Millaninja , Kyhlarn , LionelRGuy , CrazyxVoice , , I_am_onlive , VodkaHaze , XiVeRo , Pokejedservo , One Born , finalCrystine , Beaux , Sarge Ray , TheMole135 , RozenStar , missvoiceofanangel , VocAwe , , TamaRanEd , ungodly , Psyche's Rose , The Flaming E , hankman , Obbl , derekotsu , HappyAsian2521 , Kiome , DarkSonic , Hendercrazy , Bamma , Nekoism , xYiNxYanGxYoukaIx , CarolsFire , VocalChameleon , Mickwhitefire28

2 BTVA Members Have Approved Performances:

Lapianoman , TheMisakiDubs

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Where's My Audition Feedback?

Some public feedback for members has already been posted by the Judges NCZ, Foxwolf and OptimusSolo, while more feedback will continue to be added on a daily basis.

Privately requested feedback has and will be sent via the Forums Private Messages.

If you have requested feedback and still not received it, please check back daily. Feel free to message us if you would like your feedback sooner rather than later.


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