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To say that the turn out for Season 2 was better than Season 1 is an understatement. With 261 auditions, this number more than tripled AYVO's inaugural season. A big thanks goes in part to our BTVA community, for those spreading the word, and of course who can forget Mr. Kyle Hebert for kindly stepping in to not only sponsor the contest, but also guest judge one of the finalist rounds.

As Judges, it's been a pleasure to listen to each member's auditions. The challenge of course has been making the difficult decisions about who we thought made strong enough impacts with their voice acting to move on in the contest.

For those who did not make the cut, please do not be discouraged. Each of you has the voice acting foundation for which you can only improve. As the pro's would say, "Practice practice pratice". You can never stop learning how to act.
Also remember, this is not the end of the road for you in Act Your Voice Out.
Every non-Finalist who continues to participate in the contest will go in the running to WIN A PRIZE. More details below.

The Callbacks Page
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Top 16 Finalists

Through their first auditions, the Judges have deemed the following members worthy enough to earn an automatic spot in the Top 16.

MOM0KI TomStheVoice


The following members showed enough in their auditions that the Judges would like to give them one more chance to deliver their best voice acting, in order to seal a spot in the Top 16.
The Callbacks page and details are here.

Dogman15 TabbyKat CatsTuxedo shwabadi ChronoRabbit vendingmachine sydsnap AMT Jim Nickabocker Kovabomb Soldierkei Jmanvii Shadowlink4321 Senile-Snake RitsukaFlame Tyler James Thompson anyproblems123 mizura LM-G1 SteveP Felinafullstop MrLeekspin MightyMoose Mewsel MichaelJ Dillon Taylor onemunki Mrbipolar RiverK MegaMac LordCrehavos MasakoX Michelle Deco Gonax Hayabusa47 ThisIsoRickx AirZach luciouscbt PurpleMokona101 FoxyLee13 DanKotori Insanefoo Koivo Calavera SacredTear tripredravage Sarah Rikka pickle131 TwilitWing Cypo Cydonia BobcatXtreme The Pawt LuminAbyss chibiansem02 OdellAtkinson Seymour awsmith2006 Kino asmithhers Strikernofear Koichi_Saito SheilaMGagne BloodRedOath AWIG SCP21 TuxedoTaargus chococrepes animefangel Kuro630 Sarahcfgirl Ovarku Martin Perks nvansistine Bree Cybergemini Hathor Liderc voiceofrei Octopimp Red524 diariles Corey Barba evanASF27 NeumanProductions vernsmith49 EliteF50 Estellise GoldenrodGirl TheMadcapJack Mirne Tara St. Michel xapth YukariKanashii88


The Judges felt the auditions for the following members were not strong enough for them to move onto the Callback auditions.

WIN A PRIZE - For Non-Finalists Who Continue To Participate In The Contest

A chance to still be part of the contest in a behind-the-scenes kind of way, continue to practice and improve on your voice acting, and possibly win a prize at the end of it all.

- Click here to read the full details -

Hendercrazy Devo SmartyBoyboy cardboardwalk Chrisiscool86 Qqwake3 Mickwhitefire28 fireflymadness ZoidsBN Mikaku MaxLinden VocalChameleon Sonicforbrawl101 CrazyxVoice ungodly SanctusMaiden Pokejedservo MemoriesHope Magolor LovelyMyko AutomailArm TheAldella skeletonking1234 HappyAsian2521 Kyhlarn Sammyman JAB1190 gtnish>7 Ringworm128 tailz mrmanga I_am_onlive RandomgeekNamedBrent PaopuPrince DeepC 11linda Nightskies Metazoa SkyMordio Humanoid21 TamaRanEd Rico NightSurfer Sarge Ray dsvkb VodkaHaze koe One Born CarolsFire Millaninja pgson 3Bismyname akonna kaleiapuno ADream Kai-In-The-Afternoon Rusty Bucket MMBseven DJ Spencer lina-chan Cbuggle The Ear of One Davey3valves EnterThought ChibiSammii XiVeRo The Flaming E SSJRyoku macdaddyc JackScrimps fanggirlx finalCrystine Beaux wyze2099 JoeyKat Trackball GoldFlareon aTurtle derekotsu shadow759 zeniey Moonvamp Axx Der Grapist RedWishingStar Doc_LaVoy ichigara mmichael154 Anon DarkSonic LionelRGuy DrEvilGenius TwoDoorCafeClub clarencecross xYiNxYanGxYoukaIx JayGirl10 TheMole135 NekoHoshi otakulover65 Psyche's Rose Starwind Amada bcbspike Dustinman2012 AnnieMae88 Nate Da shpla-chan Grieverjoe PengVienMan Temple011 Silverknux91 hentercenter RealPinkPetite CrossTrigger Shootingstar Aetherblade Kiome Revy Retroman61 RozenStar Bombermanp missvoiceofanangel flame340 DarkGuardian0 Daglot Alta Bamma JaiLeesX4 AndréLOL Whyaylooh JCHans KayZircon82 Solink VocAwe the musical monkey Nyarlathotep hankman KnightmareSaiya-jin Tuftecake GForce Lazigal101 TheFog mdot WarVibe24 Honey Bunny D SnakeYukin Obbl Dymatrex Nekoism MissAdrianna Andy McLean KissofJudas BoxofScraps mrjeremy RicoG Vick-Valentine peetzaman joneau261 Greg jmhilde Greggory Harris Julixa
- For those who did not get a Callback, click here to find out how to continue on in the contest and go in the running to Win a Prize! -

If you would like feedback for your audition, please make a request here in the forums.

Where's My Audition Feedback?

Some public feedback for members has already been posted by the Judges NCZ, Foxwolf and OptimusSolo, while more feedback will continue to be added on a daily basis.

Privately requested feedback has and will be sent via the Forums Private Messages.

If you have requested feedback and still not received it, please check back daily. Feel free to message us if you would like your feedback sooner rather than later.


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