How It Works

Act Your Voice Out is a voice acting contest to determine the best amateur voice actor out there. Auditions are open to any registered BTVA users and are FREE to enter. Sixteen finalists will be selected by the Judges and move onto the voting rounds where the finalists will perform voice acting for characters from popular franchises. Two to four people will be eliminated after each round until the final round where the remaining two finalists will battle it out for the Act Your Voice Out title.


Using a microphone and recording software, such as Audacity or Adobe Soundbooth, record your audition in MP3 format.

Callbacks (as of Season 2)

Auditions that are deemed of the highest caliber (as decided by the Judges) will move straight to the Top 16. However, the remaining spots will be determined through the Callback auditions. Those who scored high enough in the Auditions will be given a second chance to earn their way into our Top 16.

Top 16 Finalists

Combining the automatic bids from the Open Auditions with those that earned a spot through the Callback Auditions, the Judges will select the Top 16 finalists who will move onto the voting rounds.

Voting Rounds

For each round, finalists will record lines/monologues from a selection of characters from a particular franchise chosen by the Judges. Finalists moving onto the next round will be based on a combination of votes by BTVA members and by the Judges. Two to four people will be eliminated after each round. The winner will be determined solely from BTVA member votes.

Determination Of Finalists Moving On

Round 1
- 8 from People's Choices
- 4 from Judge's Picks

Round 2
- 5 from People's Choices
- 3 from Judge's Picks

Round 3
- 3 from People's Choices
- 1 from Judge's Picks

Round 4
- 2 from People's Choices

Round 5 (Final Round)
- 1 Winner from People's Choices


The winner of the Act Your Voice Out contest will receive a prize of their choice worth 100 US dollars (prize is subject to change on a per season basis).