Yu Yeong

Yu Yeong


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Yu Yeong's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 80
[ Click on VA links below to view all the titles they worked on together ]

Jeong Hwa Yang2 times with
Jeong Hwa Yang
Seong-tae Park2 times with
Seong-tae Park
Yong-woo Shin2 times with
Yong-woo Shin
Sang-ho Lee2 times with
Sang-ho Lee
Kim Hyeon-ji1 time with
Kim Hyeon-ji
Won-hyeong Choi1 time with
Won-hyeong Choi
Lee Jiyeong1 time with
Lee Jiyeong
Lee Saebyeok1 time with
Lee Saebyeok
Son Suho1 time with
Son Suho
Gang Eun-ae1 time with
Gang Eun-ae
Myeongho Lee1 time with
Myeongho Lee
Hyeon-jin Lee1 time with
Hyeon-jin Lee
Jung-hwan So1 time with
Jung-hwan So
Myeongjun Kim1 time with
Myeongjun Kim
Jae-heon Jeong1 time with
Jae-heon Jeong
Do-hee Kim1 time with
Do-hee Kim
Shim Gyu-hyeok1 time with
Shim Gyu-hyeok
Seung-woo Min1 time with
Seung-woo Min
So Yeon1 time with
So Yeon
Ye-rim Kim1 time with
Ye-rim Kim
Seunghun Choi1 time with
Seunghun Choi
Bo-na Kim1 time with
Bo-na Kim
Suk Kyeong Jeon1 time with
Suk Kyeong Jeon
Seon-joo Lee1 time with
Seon-joo Lee
Si-yoon Park1 time with
Si-yoon Park
Ji-Hyun Lee1 time with
Ji-Hyun Lee
Seung-gon Ryu1 time with
Seung-gon Ryu
Ji-yoon Park1 time with
Ji-yoon Park
Kim Ga-Ryung1 time with
Kim Ga-Ryung
Seon-hui Mun1 time with
Seon-hui Mun
Yoon Mina1 time with
Yoon Mina
Harim Song1 time with
Harim Song
Min Jeong Yeo1 time with
Min Jeong Yeo
Young-jun Si1 time with
Young-jun Si
Yeong-jae Pyo1 time with
Yeong-jae Pyo
Mi Jang1 time with
Mi Jang
Ah-yeong Yoon1 time with
Ah-yeong Yoon
Kyungsoo Hyun1 time with
Kyungsoo Hyun
Hyunjung Cho1 time with
Hyunjung Cho
Jeong-mi Bae1 time with
Jeong-mi Bae
Nam Doh-hyeong1 time with
Nam Doh-hyeong
Yu-jeong Nam1 time with
Yu-jeong Nam
Jang Min-ji1 time with
Jang Min-ji
Wan-kyung Sung1 time with
Wan-kyung Sung
Shin Jeong Han1 time with
Shin Jeong Han
Seon-hye Kim1 time with
Seon-hye Kim
Seung-hyo Hong1 time with
Seung-hyo Hong
Chae-Ha Kim1 time with
Chae-Ha Kim
Ju-won Jeong1 time with
Ju-won Jeong
Daol Kim1 time with
Daol Kim
Park Seonyeong1 time with
Park Seonyeong
Nayul Kim1 time with
Nayul Kim
Seong-wook Jeong1 time with
Seong-wook Jeong
Seo Young Kim1 time with
Seo Young Kim
Kyungyi Cho1 time with
Kyungyi Cho
Jeong-shin Woo1 time with
Jeong-shin Woo
Jam-yeong Lee1 time with
Jam-yeong Lee
Shin-woo Kim1 time with
Shin-woo Kim
Hong Beom-gi1 time with
Hong Beom-gi
Eun-seo Yoon1 time with
Eun-seo Yoon
Myunghi Lee1 time with
Myunghi Lee
Kim Yul1 time with
Kim Yul
Hyo-min Ahn1 time with
Hyo-min Ahn
Yi Sae-ah1 time with
Yi Sae-ah
Da-eun Lee1 time with
Da-eun Lee
Yeong Seon Kim1 time with
Yeong Seon Kim
Kyumi Kwak1 time with
Kyumi Kwak
Si-hyeon Kang1 time with
Si-hyeon Kang
Kye-yun Lee1 time with
Kye-yun Lee
Sae-bom Kang1 time with
Sae-bom Kang
Choi Jaeho1 time with
Choi Jaeho
Yo-han Park1 time with
Yo-han Park
Jung Hye-Won1 time with
Jung Hye-Won
Yeon-woo Kim1 time with
Yeon-woo Kim
Sang Hyeon Eom1 time with
Sang Hyeon Eom
Hye-seong Kim1 time with
Hye-seong Kim
Yun-chae Kim1 time with
Yun-chae Kim
Yoo-mi Jeong1 time with
Yoo-mi Jeong
Seon-yeong Son1 time with
Seon-yeong Son
Seong-woo Kang1 time with
Seong-woo Kang


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