Vincent Ropion

Vincent Ropion


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Vincent Ropion's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 94
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Barbara Beretta5 times with
Barbara Beretta
Marc Alfos5 times with
Marc Alfos
Edwige Lemoine5 times with
Edwige Lemoine
Thierry Murzeau4 times with
Thierry Murzeau
Mark Lesser3 times with
Mark Lesser
Emmanuel Garijo3 times with
Emmanuel Garijo
Veronique Augereau3 times with
Veronique Augereau
Jerome Pauwels3 times with
Jerome Pauwels
Emmanuel Jacomy3 times with
Emmanuel Jacomy
Benoît Allemane2 times with
Benoît Allemane
Christophe Lemoine2 times with
Christophe Lemoine
Michel Vigne2 times with
Michel Vigne
Magali Barney2 times with
Magali Barney
Patrice Baudrier2 times with
Patrice Baudrier
Laura Blanc2 times with
Laura Blanc
Donald Reignoux2 times with
Donald Reignoux
Philippe Catoire2 times with
Philippe Catoire
Celine Melloul2 times with
Celine Melloul
Boris Rehlinger2 times with
Boris Rehlinger
Gerard Surugue2 times with
Gerard Surugue
Adrien Antoine2 times with
Adrien Antoine
Thierry Bourdon2 times with
Thierry Bourdon
Xavier Fagnon2 times with
Xavier Fagnon
Juliette Degenne1 time with
Juliette Degenne
Pascal Renwick1 time with
Pascal Renwick
Henri Poirier1 time with
Henri Poirier
Isabelle Gardien1 time with
Isabelle Gardien
Frederique Tirmont1 time with
Frederique Tirmont
Guy Chapellier1 time with
Guy Chapellier
Christian Pelissier1 time with
Christian Pelissier
Ariane Deviegue1 time with
Ariane Deviegue
Alexis Victor1 time with
Alexis Victor
Francoise Blanchard1 time with
Francoise Blanchard
Mario Santini1 time with
Mario Santini
Patrick Raynal1 time with
Patrick Raynal
Chantal Baroin1 time with
Chantal Baroin
Alain Choquet1 time with
Alain Choquet
Margaux Maillet1 time with
Margaux Maillet
Karine Foviau1 time with
Karine Foviau
Alain Dorval1 time with
Alain Dorval
Bruno Dubernat1 time with
Bruno Dubernat
Laurence Dourlens1 time with
Laurence Dourlens
Omar Sy1 time with
Omar Sy
Eric Legrand1 time with
Eric Legrand
Francoise Escobar1 time with
Francoise Escobar
Anne-Lise Fromont1 time with
Anne-Lise Fromont
Michel Mella1 time with
Michel Mella
Damien Boisseau1 time with
Damien Boisseau
Vincent Desagnat1 time with
Vincent Desagnat
Sophie Arthuys1 time with
Sophie Arthuys
Yumi Fujimori1 time with
Yumi Fujimori
Laura Prejean1 time with
Laura Prejean
José Luccioni1 time with
José Luccioni
Virginie Ogouz1 time with
Virginie Ogouz
Bruno Magne1 time with
Bruno Magne
Pascale Chemin1 time with
Pascale Chemin
Celine Ronte1 time with
Celine Ronte
Francois Creton1 time with
Francois Creton
Dorothee Pousseo1 time with
Dorothee Pousseo
Pierre Hatet1 time with
Pierre Hatet
Jean-Claude Donda1 time with
Jean-Claude Donda
Alexandre Gillet1 time with
Alexandre Gillet
Bruno Choel1 time with
Bruno Choel
Alois Agaesse1 time with
Alois Agaesse
Philippe Peythieu1 time with
Philippe Peythieu
Daniel Lobe1 time with
Daniel Lobe
Michael Aragones1 time with
Michael Aragones
Sébastien Desjours1 time with
Sébastien Desjours
Suzanne Sindberg1 time with
Suzanne Sindberg
Denis Laustriat1 time with
Denis Laustriat
Michel Tugot Doris1 time with
Michel Tugot Doris
Cedric Dumond1 time with
Cedric Dumond
Jacques Ciron1 time with
Jacques Ciron
Michel Elias1 time with
Michel Elias
Vincent Grass1 time with
Vincent Grass
Marc Perez1 time with
Marc Perez
Paul Borne1 time with
Paul Borne
Philippe Valmont1 time with
Philippe Valmont
Lucien Jean Baptiste1 time with
Lucien Jean Baptiste
Valerie Karsenti1 time with
Valerie Karsenti
Daniel Lefourcade1 time with
Daniel Lefourcade
Jeremie Covillault1 time with
Jeremie Covillault
Marc Bretonniere1 time with
Marc Bretonniere
Elie Semoun1 time with
Elie Semoun
Catherine Cerda1 time with
Catherine Cerda
Sybille Tureau1 time with
Sybille Tureau
Gilles Morvan1 time with
Gilles Morvan
Diane Dassigny1 time with
Diane Dassigny
Serge Thiriet1 time with
Serge Thiriet
Alain Flick1 time with
Alain Flick
Mathias Kozlowski1 time with
Mathias Kozlowski
Vincent Violette1 time with
Vincent Violette
Martial Le Minoux1 time with
Martial Le Minoux
Paolo Domingo1 time with
Paolo Domingo


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