Vik Sahay

Vik Sahay

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Vik Sahay's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 65
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Terrence Scammel6 times with
Terrence Scammel
Abby Hagyard6 times with
Abby Hagyard
Nicholas Tripp6 times with
Nicholas Tripp
Daniel Finestone5 times with
Daniel Finestone
Lianne Picard-Poirier5 times with
Lianne Picard-Poirier
Christian Tessier3 times with
Christian Tessier
Samantha Rushforth2 times with
Samantha Rushforth
Rekha Shah2 times with
Rekha Shah
Rick Jones2 times with
Rick Jones
Elizabeth MacRae2 times with
Elizabeth MacRae
Tyley Ross2 times with
Tyley Ross
Thelma Farmer2 times with
Thelma Farmer
Catherine Mackenzie2 times with
Catherine Mackenzie
Jusak Yang Bernhard1 time with
Jusak Yang Bernhard
Elysia Rotaru1 time with
Elysia Rotaru
Anna MacCormack1 time with
Anna MacCormack
Boris Hiestand1 time with
Boris Hiestand
Hank Azaria1 time with
Hank Azaria
Jack Turner1 time with
Jack Turner
Ray Chase1 time with
Ray Chase
Joe Lo Truglio1 time with
Joe Lo Truglio
Amy Okuda1 time with
Amy Okuda
Anna Thompson1 time with
Anna Thompson
Jee Young Han1 time with
Jee Young Han
David Lodge1 time with
David Lodge
Patti Deutsch1 time with
Patti Deutsch
Chris Bickford1 time with
Chris Bickford
Peter Macon1 time with
Peter Macon
John Hopkins1 time with
John Hopkins
Annie Wersching1 time with
Annie Wersching
Belinda Stewart-Wilson1 time with
Belinda Stewart-Wilson
Robert Eastland1 time with
Robert Eastland
Naz Osmanoglu1 time with
Naz Osmanoglu
Kristen Schaal1 time with
Kristen Schaal
Heather Esdon1 time with
Heather Esdon
Terry McGurrin1 time with
Terry McGurrin
Catherine Tate1 time with
Catherine Tate
Ahmed Ahmed1 time with
Ahmed Ahmed
Kate Kennedy1 time with
Kate Kennedy
Chike Okonkwo1 time with
Chike Okonkwo
Carl Lumbly1 time with
Carl Lumbly
Jory Steinberg1 time with
Jory Steinberg
Sariya Sharp1 time with
Sariya Sharp
Stuart Martin1 time with
Stuart Martin
Michael O'Reilly1 time with
Michael O'Reilly
Nick Tarabay1 time with
Nick Tarabay
Dan Lalande1 time with
Dan Lalande
Trevor Schmidt1 time with
Trevor Schmidt
Karen Maruyama1 time with
Karen Maruyama
Jack McBrayer1 time with
Jack McBrayer
Matthew Gravelle1 time with
Matthew Gravelle
Milana Vayntrub1 time with
Milana Vayntrub
Sarah Elmaleh1 time with
Sarah Elmaleh
Caroline Laskowska1 time with
Caroline Laskowska
Lauren Tom1 time with
Lauren Tom
Freddy Rodriguez1 time with
Freddy Rodriguez
TJ Ramini1 time with
TJ Ramini
Kate Fleetwood1 time with
Kate Fleetwood
Angelina Boivin1 time with
Angelina Boivin
Rochelle Neil1 time with
Rochelle Neil
Niamh McGrady1 time with
Niamh McGrady
Quinton Flynn1 time with
Quinton Flynn
Paul Rainville1 time with
Paul Rainville
Eric McCormack1 time with
Eric McCormack
Anthony Howell1 time with
Anthony Howell


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