Travis Roig

Travis Roig

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Travis Roig's voice acting career, he has worked with Phil DuBois the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 64
[ Click on VA links below to view all the titles they worked on together ]

Phil DuBois4 times with
Phil DuBois
Donald Guzzi3 times with
Donald Guzzi
Chris Jahn3 times with
Chris Jahn
Alex Alvarez3 times with
Alex Alvarez
Rayner Garranchan3 times with
Rayner Garranchan
Christina Jopling3 times with
Christina Jopling
Christian Vandepas3 times with
Christian Vandepas
Paul Louis3 times with
Paul Louis
Paula Barros2 times with
Paula Barros
Crystal Lopez2 times with
Crystal Lopez
Wayne Legette2 times with
Wayne Legette
Oscar Cheda2 times with
Oscar Cheda
Jason Kesser2 times with
Jason Kesser
Roly Gutierrez2 times with
Roly Gutierrez
Avi Hoffman2 times with
Avi Hoffman
Clay Cartland2 times with
Clay Cartland
Gregg Weiner2 times with
Gregg Weiner
Khoi Dao1 time with
Khoi Dao
Pilar Uribe1 time with
Pilar Uribe
Stephen Mendel1 time with
Stephen Mendel
Barry J Tarallo1 time with
Barry J Tarallo
Chris Tergliafera1 time with
Chris Tergliafera
Rio Chavarro1 time with
Rio Chavarro
Jason Marnocha1 time with
Jason Marnocha
Paul Tei1 time with
Paul Tei
Kirk Thornton1 time with
Kirk Thornton
Laura Post1 time with
Laura Post
Jehane Seralles1 time with
Jehane Seralles
Brianna Knickerbocker1 time with
Brianna Knickerbocker
Katelyn Gault1 time with
Katelyn Gault
Sahid Pabon1 time with
Sahid Pabon
Ann Marie Olson1 time with
Ann Marie Olson
Keith Silverstein1 time with
Keith Silverstein
Ray Chase1 time with
Ray Chase
Daniel Llaca1 time with
Daniel Llaca
Ryan Bartley1 time with
Ryan Bartley
David Kwiat1 time with
David Kwiat
Billy Kametz1 time with
Billy Kametz
Peter Smith1 time with
Peter Smith
Alex Teixeira1 time with
Alex Teixeira
Rachel Robinson1 time with
Rachel Robinson
Morgan Berry1 time with
Morgan Berry
Scott Genn1 time with
Scott Genn
Terry Hardcastle1 time with
Terry Hardcastle
Vanessa Elise1 time with
Vanessa Elise
Grant George1 time with
Grant George
Erica Mendez1 time with
Erica Mendez
Jim Ballard1 time with
Jim Ballard
Mark Whitten1 time with
Mark Whitten
Aaron Goldenberg1 time with
Aaron Goldenberg
Laura Stahl1 time with
Laura Stahl
Eric Anderson1 time with
Eric Anderson
Reina Scully1 time with
Reina Scully
Xanthe Huynh1 time with
Xanthe Huynh
Connie Fernandez1 time with
Connie Fernandez
Allegra Clark1 time with
Allegra Clark
Betsy Durkin1 time with
Betsy Durkin
Amanda Williams1 time with
Amanda Williams
Rey Dabalsa1 time with
Rey Dabalsa
Steve Staley1 time with
Steve Staley
Jeni Hacker1 time with
Jeni Hacker
Erika Harlacher1 time with
Erika Harlacher
Greg Chun1 time with
Greg Chun
Alex Machado1 time with
Alex Machado


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