Tracy Ann Oberman

Tracy Ann Oberman

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Tracy Ann Oberman's voice acting career, they have worked with Nigel Pilkington the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 136
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Nigel Pilkington4 times with
Nigel Pilkington
Laura Aikman3 times with
Laura Aikman
Carina Reeves3 times with
Carina Reeves
Blake Ritson3 times with
Blake Ritson
Adam Howden3 times with
Adam Howden
Timothy Watson3 times with
Timothy Watson
Peter Bramhill3 times with
Peter Bramhill
Nicholas Boulton3 times with
Nicholas Boulton
Colin Ryan3 times with
Colin Ryan
Sheila Steafel3 times with
Sheila Steafel
Michael Maloney3 times with
Michael Maloney
Joanna Ruiz3 times with
Joanna Ruiz
Robyn Addison3 times with
Robyn Addison
Robert Vernon3 times with
Robert Vernon
Hannah Arterton3 times with
Hannah Arterton
Matt Stokoe3 times with
Matt Stokoe
Bethan Walker3 times with
Bethan Walker
Gemma Lawrence3 times with
Gemma Lawrence
Joe Dempsie3 times with
Joe Dempsie
Simon Greenall2 times with
Simon Greenall
Rachel Atkins2 times with
Rachel Atkins
Antony Byrne2 times with
Antony Byrne
Brian Protheroe2 times with
Brian Protheroe
Luke Allen-Gale2 times with
Luke Allen-Gale
David Menkin2 times with
David Menkin
Eleanor Matsuura2 times with
Eleanor Matsuura
Jaimi Barbakoff2 times with
Jaimi Barbakoff
James Goode2 times with
James Goode
Annabel Scholey2 times with
Annabel Scholey
Ryan Gage2 times with
Ryan Gage
Gwilym Lee2 times with
Gwilym Lee
Jonathan Bailey2 times with
Jonathan Bailey
Beatriz Romilly2 times with
Beatriz Romilly
Michael McElhatton2 times with
Michael McElhatton
Nigel Betts2 times with
Nigel Betts
Gunnar Cauthery2 times with
Gunnar Cauthery
Zoe Tapper2 times with
Zoe Tapper
Rene Zagger2 times with
Rene Zagger
John Heffernan2 times with
John Heffernan
Matt McCooey2 times with
Matt McCooey
Jeremy Irons1 time with
Jeremy Irons
Kerry Shale1 time with
Kerry Shale
Jane Horrocks1 time with
Jane Horrocks
George Carlin1 time with
George Carlin
Joseph May1 time with
Joseph May
William Hope1 time with
William Hope
Alec Baldwin1 time with
Alec Baldwin
Keith Wickham1 time with
Keith Wickham
Ringo Starr1 time with
Ringo Starr
Kate Winslet1 time with
Kate Winslet
Jules de Jongh1 time with
Jules de Jongh
Teresa Gallagher1 time with
Teresa Gallagher
Ciara Janson1 time with
Ciara Janson
Jessica Martin1 time with
Jessica Martin
Allan Corduner1 time with
Allan Corduner
John Hasler1 time with
John Hasler
June Whitfield1 time with
June Whitfield
John Sessions1 time with
John Sessions
Glenn Wrage1 time with
Glenn Wrage
Russell Tovey1 time with
Russell Tovey
Togo Igawa1 time with
Togo Igawa
Naoko Mori1 time with
Naoko Mori
Martin T Sherman1 time with
Martin T Sherman
Michael Angelis1 time with
Michael Angelis
Alec Newman1 time with
Alec Newman
Ben Small1 time with
Ben Small
Matt Wilkinson1 time with
Matt Wilkinson
David Bedella1 time with
David Bedella
Rupert Degas1 time with
Rupert Degas
Bob Golding1 time with
Bob Golding
Michael Brandon1 time with
Michael Brandon
Joanna Roth1 time with
Joanna Roth
Olivia Colman1 time with
Olivia Colman
Steve Kynman1 time with
Steve Kynman
Tim Whitnall1 time with
Tim Whitnall
Charlotte Coleman1 time with
Charlotte Coleman
Dougray Scott1 time with
Dougray Scott
Elizabeth Heery1 time with
Elizabeth Heery
Freddie Ridge1 time with
Freddie Ridge
Michael Burrell1 time with
Michael Burrell
Patrick Marlowe1 time with
Patrick Marlowe
Tony Robinson1 time with
Tony Robinson
Mike Grady1 time with
Mike Grady
Bruce Mackinnon1 time with
Bruce Mackinnon
Mark Moraghan1 time with
Mark Moraghan
Shelley Blond1 time with
Shelley Blond
Anthony Howell1 time with
Anthony Howell
Miranda Raison1 time with
Miranda Raison
Michael Legge1 time with
Michael Legge
Jonathan Broadbent1 time with
Jonathan Broadbent
Joe Mills1 time with
Joe Mills
Maggie Ollerenshaw1 time with
Maggie Ollerenshaw
Jonathan Forbes1 time with
Jonathan Forbes
Rebecca O'Mara1 time with
Rebecca O'Mara
Clive Mantle1 time with
Clive Mantle
John Schwab1 time with
John Schwab
Harry Hadden-Paton1 time with
Harry Hadden-Paton
Nathaniel Parker1 time with
Nathaniel Parker
David Rintoul1 time with
David Rintoul
Tom Stourton1 time with
Tom Stourton

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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