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Tom Wyner

Date Of Birth: Jun 16, 1947

Popularity: 797th All Time, 910th This Week

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said at 2:59 PM on Sat Jun 16 2018
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Happy birthday, Tom Wyner.

Harry McDowell is hands down my favourite role of his, but I also really liked his Puppet Master, M. Bison, Devimon, Sanson, Hanzui, Mayor Rohman, Whateley, Shieshinye, Professor Mikage, Pegas, Jackal and Fox. He makes for a good sympathetic Dracula as well. He had a really awesome voice and I miss his presence in anime, I hope he's enjoying his retirement.
8000 Saiyans
said at 5:54 AM on Sat Jun 16 2018
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy birthday, Tom Wyner!

It's a shame he's retired.
said at 5:50 AM on Sat Jun 16 2018
Happy birthday, Tom Wyner!!!

I really enjoyed him as 2001 RiD Grimlock and as Rosanov in Street Fighter Alpha.
said at 8:44 PM on Wed Sep 13 2017
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Tom such talent he great as M. Bison, Project 2501/ the puppet master, Lord Hazanko, Death, Grimlock, Furio, Master Vile, Gerard Villefort, and Devimon
said at 3:51 PM on Mon Sep 11 2017
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Happy Belated B-Day Tom!

My top 12 va roles by Tom Wyner are:

1. Teddy Bomber (Cowboy Bebop)
2. Shogun (Heat Guy J)
3. Quent Yaiden (Wolf's Rain)
4. Devimon (Digimon Adventure)
5. Gerard Villefort (Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo)
6. Goro Hoshino (Planetes)
7. Harry MacDowell (Gungrave)
8. Shusaku Tanokura (Kaze No Yojimbo)
9. Lord Hazanko (Outlaw Star)
10.Project 2501 / The Puppet Master (Ghost In The Shell)
11. Death (Castlevania)
12. Galleon (Suikoden V)
said at 5:02 PM on Fri Jun 16 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Tom Wyner!!!

I wish we could still hear you in dubs.
said at 8:54 AM on Fri Jun 16 2017
Once more, Happy Birthday, Tom Wyner!
said at 8:27 AM on Fri Jun 16 2017
Happy Birthday Tom Wyner!
said at 5:05 AM on Fri Jun 16 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Tom Wyner!

My top 10 favourite performances are:

1.) Project 2501/The Puppet Master (Ghost In The Shell)
2.) Harry MacDowell (Gungrave)
3.) Gerard Villefort (Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo)
4.) Shogun (Heat Guy J)
5.) Teddy Bomber (Cowboy Bebop)
6.) Devimon (Digimon Adventure)
7.) M. Bison (Street Fighter)
8.) Grimlock (Transformers: Robots In Disguise)
9.) Death (Castlevania)
10.) Dracula (Dracula, Sovereign of the Damned)
said at 12:58 PM on Thu Jun 16 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Tom Wyner! Loved this guy as M Bison and Death.
said at 12:06 PM on Thu Jun 16 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
Happy birthday M Bison, Death, & Puppet Master!!!
said at 9:01 AM on Thu Jun 16 2016
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday, Tom Wyner! He had quite a presence in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, was a really cool M. Bison, and worked pretty well as Death.
said at 5:10 AM on Thu Jun 16 2016
Happy Birthday Tom Wyner!
said at 1:42 PM on Tue Jun 16 2015
 12 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Tom Wyner!

He left the voice acting industry far too early in my opinion, I feel his presence is truly missed in modern dubs in LA.

My favourite performance of his was as Project 2501/The Puppet Master in the original Ghost in the Shell movie. The dub for the original movie is one of the better dubs to have been done in the nineties and Tom's was easily the best in the whole movie. I truly believe he surpasses the Japanese voice for Puppet Master and I just love the sound of the voice, It reminds me a lot of a deeper Corey Burton Brainiac.

He was also excellent as the older Harry MacDowell, Gerard Villefort, Shogun, Teddy Bomber, M. Bison and Devimon.
said at 9:16 PM on Mon Jul 25 2016
@Autovolt He hasn't left VO entirely - he does audiobooks outside California, because, like a lot of folks who did dubs...not everyone develops into Frank Welker or JAT or Tara Strong (& that's okay), & anime dubs simply don't pay that well.

He loves VO, but it was just better for his living conditions to move to a smaller area & do small-time contracts.
said at 1:16 PM on Tue Jul 26 2016
@huzaifa_ahmed Oh well that's good at least.

I'd still would love to hear him in another anime or a cartoon someday. I do miss hearing his voice in stuff I'd more likely watch or listen to.

I may have to get into audiobooks at some point.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:15 AM on Tue Jun 2 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
He is just so perfect as those evil, powerful characters like Lord Hazanko, Master Vile, M. Bison and Devimon.
said at 6:39 PM on Thu Jun 12 2014
Who cares if he voiced Jackal!? He did the voice of the mother f***ing Fist King!!!
said at 3:00 PM on Wed Oct 9 2013
 9 Shout Outs!
This is the guy who should be the voice of Ganondorf!
said at 7:17 AM on Fri Oct 11 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus I was thinking the exact same thing.
said at 8:37 AM on Fri Oct 11 2013
@Ringworm128 IKR? His Dalles and M Bison clips just scream "Ganon!" to me. XD
said at 11:32 AM on Sun Jul 21 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
One of the most recognizable and easily versatile voice actors in Anime dubbing in the last few decades, Tom should make something of a comeback in todays field of voice acting.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:14 PM on Fri Feb 28 2014
@xRighteous r00d
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:22 PM on Fri Feb 28 2014
@xRighteous You can help update in a helpful way by creating proper requests in the forums. Mocking us for being "goddamn incomplete" doesn't solve anything.
said at 12:46 PM on Wed Mar 6 2013
 1 Shout Out!
His performance as Puppet Master from Ghost in the Shell was one of the only things that made that film's dub worth watching. Not that the dub was bad per say, but Mimi Woods was quite grating and even Richard Epcar's acting wasn't that great back then. Tom Wyner's Puppet Master on the other hand commanded your attention and every scene where he spoke made it seem larger than life and epic.

I won't be forgetting his short but memorable performance in that film for a long time, it's the only part in that movie where I would rather be watching the English version and not the Japanese. That my friends, is quite a feat.
said at 11:13 PM on Fri Feb 28 2014
@xRighteous I was thinking of responding to this comment with detailed criticisms of the film's dub to show why I don't see Epcar's acting and the rest of that movie's dub to be some infallible masterpiece as you seem to suggest, but this would be the wrong place to do so. If you're at all curious as to why I feel this way about the dub, then I might post my full thoughts on the film's page on here at a later time. Although, I am curious...

"Kevin Seymour's legacy will live on thank you very much."

...What is this supposed to mean? If you took my comment as disrespectful to Kevin Seymour, you are completely and utterly wrong.
said at 9:53 AM on Fri Sep 21 2012
 5 Shout Outs!
A shame he isn't in any recent dubs. I think he'd be able to make them incredible.
solidejake (Moderator)
said at 12:00 AM on Sat Mar 1 2014
@xRighteous You are more than welcome to make useful comments, but until such a time, we'd rather not see how incomplete you think the site is. We're a small team of humans, with lives, and things to do, not robots solely dedicated to adding every single role in the history of voice acting.
said at 5:57 AM on Mon Aug 13 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Both him and Norio Wakamoto voiced Cell and M.Bison that's a funny coincidence.
said at 12:44 PM on Fri May 6 2011
So HE voiced Bison! Ooh, and Hanzui! :)
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