Tom Shwartzberg

Tom Shwartzberg


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Tom Shwartzberg's voice acting career, they have worked with Yoram Yosephsberg the most times ... totalling 21 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 76
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Yoram Yosephsberg21 times with
Yoram Yosephsberg
Gilad Kletter19 times with
Gilad Kletter
Zvika Shwartzberg18 times with
Zvika Shwartzberg
Amnon Wolf15 times with
Amnon Wolf
Ami Mandelman15 times with
Ami Mandelman
Gadi Levy15 times with
Gadi Levy
Talya Barkay14 times with
Talya Barkay
Jonathan Magon13 times with
Jonathan Magon
Liron Lev11 times with
Liron Lev
Dor Srugo10 times with
Dor Srugo
Daniel Magon10 times with
Daniel Magon
Yuval Segal9 times with
Yuval Segal
Orly Katan9 times with
Orly Katan
Saar Badishi9 times with
Saar Badishi
Nir Ron8 times with
Nir Ron
Eldad Prives8 times with
Eldad Prives
Guy Rushiniak7 times with
Guy Rushiniak
Nurit Banai-Corne7 times with
Nurit Banai-Corne
Zvika Fohrman7 times with
Zvika Fohrman
Simcha Barbiro7 times with
Simcha Barbiro
Meron Aronovitch7 times with
Meron Aronovitch
Efron Etkin7 times with
Efron Etkin
Eli Lulai7 times with
Eli Lulai
Micha Uzin-Salian7 times with
Micha Uzin-Salian
Yehoyachin Friedlander6 times with
Yehoyachin Friedlander
Hadar Shahaf6 times with
Hadar Shahaf
Lauren Savir5 times with
Lauren Savir
Itan Grinberg5 times with
Itan Grinberg
Eran Mor5 times with
Eran Mor
Gilan Shahaf5 times with
Gilan Shahaf
Shira Naor4 times with
Shira Naor
Sapir Darmon4 times with
Sapir Darmon
Dan Kiesler3 times with
Dan Kiesler
Einat Azulay3 times with
Einat Azulay
Orly Tagar3 times with
Orly Tagar
Ohad Shachar3 times with
Ohad Shachar
Giora Kenneth3 times with
Giora Kenneth
Dedi Zohar3 times with
Dedi Zohar
Rona Bekerman3 times with
Rona Bekerman
Liat Har-Lev3 times with
Liat Har-Lev
Michael Einav3 times with
Michael Einav
Alon Sharr2 times with
Alon Sharr
Orna Katz2 times with
Orna Katz
Noa Kashpitzki2 times with
Noa Kashpitzki
Dan Shatzberg2 times with
Dan Shatzberg
Elad Samocha2 times with
Elad Samocha
Dikla Hadar2 times with
Dikla Hadar
Matti Atlas2 times with
Matti Atlas
Michal Reshef2 times with
Michal Reshef
Muli Shulman2 times with
Muli Shulman
Shirly Lilu2 times with
Shirly Lilu
Eran Bohem2 times with
Eran Bohem
Mona Mor2 times with
Mona Mor
Naama Chetrit2 times with
Naama Chetrit
Mia Alon1 time with
Mia Alon
Hilly Israel1 time with
Hilly Israel
Ami Weinberg1 time with
Ami Weinberg
Adi Kozlovsky1 time with
Adi Kozlovsky
Momi Levy1 time with
Momi Levy
Ori Zaltsman1 time with
Ori Zaltsman
Ido Mosseri1 time with
Ido Mosseri
Yigal Sade1 time with
Yigal Sade
Iftach Ofir1 time with
Iftach Ofir
Karine Hyman1 time with
Karine Hyman
Yoav Yefet1 time with
Yoav Yefet
Sharon Cohen1 time with
Sharon Cohen
Kobi Likverman1 time with
Kobi Likverman
Noa Manor1 time with
Noa Manor
Assaf Pariente1 time with
Assaf Pariente
Uzi Fox1 time with
Uzi Fox
Albert Cohen1 time with
Albert Cohen
Anat Niv1 time with
Anat Niv
Eti Castro1 time with
Eti Castro
Michael Rose1 time with
Michael Rose
Eliana Tidhar1 time with
Eliana Tidhar
Anat Erlich1 time with
Anat Erlich


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