Susan Koozin

Susan Koozin

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Susan Koozin's voice acting career, she has worked with Brittney Karbowski the most times ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 98
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Brittney Karbowski6 times with
Brittney Karbowski
John Swasey5 times with
John Swasey
David Wald5 times with
David Wald
Luci Christian5 times with
Luci Christian
Margaret McDonald4 times with
Margaret McDonald
Hilary Haag4 times with
Hilary Haag
Shelley Calene-Black4 times with
Shelley Calene-Black
David Matranga4 times with
David Matranga
Andy McAvin4 times with
Andy McAvin
Shannon Emerick4 times with
Shannon Emerick
Andrew Love3 times with
Andrew Love
Monica Rial3 times with
Monica Rial
Blake Shepard2 times with
Blake Shepard
Marissa Lenti2 times with
Marissa Lenti
Kalob Martinez2 times with
Kalob Martinez
Samuel Roman2 times with
Samuel Roman
Maggie Flecknoe2 times with
Maggie Flecknoe
Corey Hartzog2 times with
Corey Hartzog
George Manley2 times with
George Manley
Illich Guardiola2 times with
Illich Guardiola
Scott Gibbs2 times with
Scott Gibbs
Leraldo Anzaldua2 times with
Leraldo Anzaldua
Emily Neves2 times with
Emily Neves
Jay Hickman2 times with
Jay Hickman
Carl Masterson2 times with
Carl Masterson
Justin Doran2 times with
Justin Doran
Brett Weaver2 times with
Brett Weaver
Greg Ayres2 times with
Greg Ayres
Christina Kelly2 times with
Christina Kelly
John Gremillion2 times with
John Gremillion
Adam Gibbs2 times with
Adam Gibbs
Jessica Boone2 times with
Jessica Boone
Amber Lee Connors2 times with
Amber Lee Connors
Chaney Moore2 times with
Chaney Moore
Jonathan C Osborne1 time with
Jonathan C Osborne
Allison Sumrall1 time with
Allison Sumrall
Chris Hutchison1 time with
Chris Hutchison
Joy Saxton1 time with
Joy Saxton
Victor Carsrud1 time with
Victor Carsrud
David Harbold1 time with
David Harbold
Marcy Bannor1 time with
Marcy Bannor
Laura Chapman1 time with
Laura Chapman
Tia Ballard1 time with
Tia Ballard
Jennifer Alyx1 time with
Jennifer Alyx
Jason Douglas1 time with
Jason Douglas
Bryn Apprill1 time with
Bryn Apprill
Shanae’a Moore1 time with
Shanae’a Moore
Jessica Calvello1 time with
Jessica Calvello
James Reed Faulkner1 time with
James Reed Faulkner
Matt Greenfield1 time with
Matt Greenfield
Carli Mosier1 time with
Carli Mosier
Genevieve Simmons1 time with
Genevieve Simmons
Christine Auten1 time with
Christine Auten
Holland Vavra1 time with
Holland Vavra
Clint Bickham1 time with
Clint Bickham
Mark X Laskowski1 time with
Mark X Laskowski
Xero Reynolds1 time with
Xero Reynolds
Samantha Stevens1 time with
Samantha Stevens
Adam Conlon1 time with
Adam Conlon
Gene Tognacci1 time with
Gene Tognacci
Cynthia Martinez1 time with
Cynthia Martinez
Josh Grelle1 time with
Josh Grelle
Beth Lazarou1 time with
Beth Lazarou
Olivia Swasey1 time with
Olivia Swasey
Sasha Paysinger1 time with
Sasha Paysinger
Patricia Duran1 time with
Patricia Duran
Natalie Jones1 time with
Natalie Jones
Tiffany Grant1 time with
Tiffany Grant
Christopher Ayres1 time with
Christopher Ayres
Kris Carr1 time with
Kris Carr
Kira Vincent-Davis1 time with
Kira Vincent-Davis
Amy Bruce1 time with
Amy Bruce
Kelly Manison1 time with
Kelly Manison
Katelyn Barr1 time with
Katelyn Barr
Russell Freeman1 time with
Russell Freeman
Greg Cote1 time with
Greg Cote
Mike MacRae1 time with
Mike MacRae
Mike Kleinhenz1 time with
Mike Kleinhenz
Jason Grundy1 time with
Jason Grundy
Kurt Stoll1 time with
Kurt Stoll
Mike Yager1 time with
Mike Yager
Elizabeth Bunch1 time with
Elizabeth Bunch
Juliet Simmons1 time with
Juliet Simmons
Rick Piersall1 time with
Rick Piersall
Rob Mungle1 time with
Rob Mungle
Mike Vance1 time with
Mike Vance
Catherine Thomas1 time with
Catherine Thomas
Spike Spencer1 time with
Spike Spencer
Marcy Rae1 time with
Marcy Rae
Melinda DeKay1 time with
Melinda DeKay
Rebekah Stevens1 time with
Rebekah Stevens
Chris Patton1 time with
Chris Patton
Rozie Curtis1 time with
Rozie Curtis
Paul Sidello1 time with
Paul Sidello
Jovan Jackson1 time with
Jovan Jackson
Nancy Novotny1 time with
Nancy Novotny
Emily Carter Essex1 time with
Emily Carter Essex
Mike McFarland1 time with
Mike McFarland


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