Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Steve Buscemi's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 538
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Carlos Alazraqui6 times with
Carlos Alazraqui
Bob Peterson6 times with
Bob Peterson
John Goodman6 times with
John Goodman
Jennifer Tilly5 times with
Jennifer Tilly
Chris Parnell5 times with
Chris Parnell
Molly Shannon5 times with
Molly Shannon
Andy Samberg4 times with
Andy Samberg
Kevin James4 times with
Kevin James
Brian Cummings4 times with
Brian Cummings
Mary Gibbs4 times with
Mary Gibbs
Daniel Gerson4 times with
Daniel Gerson
Jess Harnell4 times with
Jess Harnell
Bonnie Hunt4 times with
Bonnie Hunt
David Spade3 times with
David Spade
Billy Crystal3 times with
Billy Crystal
Keegan-Michael Key3 times with
Keegan-Michael Key
Sadie Sandler3 times with
Sadie Sandler
John Ratzenberger3 times with
John Ratzenberger
Jeff Pidgeon3 times with
Jeff Pidgeon
Selena Gomez3 times with
Selena Gomez
Adam Sandler3 times with
Adam Sandler
Rob Riggle3 times with
Rob Riggle
Robert Smigel3 times with
Robert Smigel
James Coburn3 times with
James Coburn
Dee Bradley Baker3 times with
Dee Bradley Baker
Fran Drescher3 times with
Fran Drescher
Megan Mullally2 times with
Megan Mullally
Steve Susskind2 times with
Steve Susskind
Mel Brooks2 times with
Mel Brooks
Kathryn Hahn2 times with
Kathryn Hahn
Nick Offerman2 times with
Nick Offerman
Sean Hayes2 times with
Sean Hayes
Jim Gaffigan2 times with
Jim Gaffigan
Samuel Lord Black2 times with
Samuel Lord Black
Jonny Solomon2 times with
Jonny Solomon
Jaime Camil2 times with
Jaime Camil
Cloris Leachman2 times with
Cloris Leachman
Bill Hader2 times with
Bill Hader
Bobby Moynihan2 times with
Bobby Moynihan
Joe Ranft2 times with
Joe Ranft
Craig Kellman2 times with
Craig Kellman
Sunny Sandler2 times with
Sunny Sandler
Jon Lovitz2 times with
Jon Lovitz
Luenell Campbell2 times with
Luenell Campbell
Tom Kenny2 times with
Tom Kenny
Frank Welker2 times with
Frank Welker
Jan Rabson2 times with
Jan Rabson
Asher Blinkoff2 times with
Asher Blinkoff
Guido Quaroni2 times with
Guido Quaroni
Alec Baldwin2 times with
Alec Baldwin
Paul Brittain2 times with
Paul Brittain
John Cleese2 times with
John Cleese
Gemma Chan1 time with
Gemma Chan
Kristen Schaal1 time with
Kristen Schaal
Vanessa Richardson1 time with
Vanessa Richardson
Eddie Izzard1 time with
Eddie Izzard
Jaime Moyer1 time with
Jaime Moyer
Jonathan Katz1 time with
Jonathan Katz
Randy Quaid1 time with
Randy Quaid
Myleene Klass1 time with
Myleene Klass
Jennessa Rose1 time with
Jennessa Rose
Melissa Bardin Galsky1 time with
Melissa Bardin Galsky
Jillian Bell1 time with
Jillian Bell
Keith David1 time with
Keith David
Jorge R. Gutierrez1 time with
Jorge R. Gutierrez
Nathan Fillion1 time with
Nathan Fillion
Ethan Smigel1 time with
Ethan Smigel
Patton Oswalt1 time with
Patton Oswalt
Richard Kind1 time with
Richard Kind
Daveed Diggs1 time with
Daveed Diggs
Neil Flynn1 time with
Neil Flynn
Gaby Moreno1 time with
Gaby Moreno
Paul Fusco1 time with
Paul Fusco
Nico Muhly1 time with
Nico Muhly
Maria Bamford1 time with
Maria Bamford
Matt McKenna1 time with
Matt McKenna
Brian Hopkins1 time with
Brian Hopkins
Constance Marie1 time with
Constance Marie
Paul Rudd1 time with
Paul Rudd
James Williams1 time with
James Williams
Doug Dale1 time with
Doug Dale
Joe Alaskey1 time with
Joe Alaskey
Jim Thornton1 time with
Jim Thornton
Fred Tatasciore1 time with
Fred Tatasciore
Jenna Ortega1 time with
Jenna Ortega
Kerry Christensen1 time with
Kerry Christensen
Stephanie Allyne1 time with
Stephanie Allyne
Wanda Sykes1 time with
Wanda Sykes
Wendy Molyneux1 time with
Wendy Molyneux
Jack McBrayer1 time with
Jack McBrayer
H. Jon Benjamin1 time with
H. Jon Benjamin
Jon Heder1 time with
Jon Heder
Michelle Murdocca1 time with
Michelle Murdocca
Thomas DeCarlo Callaway1 time with
Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
Odette Annable1 time with
Odette Annable
James Adomian1 time with
James Adomian
Mason Charles1 time with
Mason Charles
Travis Willingham1 time with
Travis Willingham
McKenna Grace1 time with
McKenna Grace
Kathryn Cressida1 time with
Kathryn Cressida

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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