Steve Blum

Steve Blum

Date Of Birth: Apr 29, 1960
Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, USA

Popularity: 18th All Time, 33rd This Week

Trivia & Fun Facts:

  • His debut role was in the Guyver animated series in the early 90's. Prior to this, he had no acting experience. 
  • He stated that he became a VA by accident and he was initially supposed to be voicing old men. He was discovered doing "crotchety" voices in a mailroom.
  • His advice to aspiring VAs is to learn how to mimic other voices, read kids' books aloud to them, and try to read as many of the characters as possible. He has been reading to elementary school kids for a bit over 7 years. 
  • Considers dramatic and comedic actors such as Tom Hanks and Robin Williams to be his idols. 
  • Loves to buy toy figures of his roles. 
  • Won a Guinness World Record for most credited roles in a video game, having voiced in more than 260 games as of May 10, 2012.

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(On voice acting) "I feel very fortunate because I love what I do for a living. Not everyone can say that about their job. Every session I go to, I get to become someone else. It's always a challenge. I'm always learning. I'm working with some of the most talented people on the planet. Some whose careers I've followed for years! I feel like I found a way to leave my humble mark on the world. Hey, it may not be Ghandi, but it's nice to know that some folks will enjoy this stuff for generations to come."

(Most challenging part of voice acting.) "Making the characters believable. I think that's the biggest challenge of any acting job. No matter how good the character looks or what kind of cool or quirky voice I develop for him (or her), if you guys don't buy the lines coming of the mouth, nothing else matters."

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Credits On BTVA: 945 Roles from 426 Titles  [ Only show characters with sound clips ]
Additional Voice Credits on BTVA: 35

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