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said at 8:30 AM on Fri Jun 29 2018
Spike is great as Hanataro Yamada, Snake, Marth, Cyborg 002 / Jet Link, Saburo Togusa, Arakune, Rolo Lamperouge, and Shinji Ikari
said at 8:22 AM on Thu Dec 21 2017
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Once again, HBD Spike Spencer!
said at 7:43 AM on Wed Dec 20 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Spike Spencer!

While I'm not a fan of Evangelion, I do like a lot of Spike's work, personally my favourite role of his is Koushaku "Papillon" Chouno in Buso Renkin, massively playing against type from his usual typecast and playing a flamboyant villain and he's just a lot of fun in the role.

I also liked his performances as Rolo Lamperouge, Saburo Togusa, Marth, Arakune, Void Do, Hanataro Yamada, Karasu Tengu and Daryl McGuinness
said at 10:15 AM on Fri May 12 2017
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Seriously underrated.
said at 6:01 AM on Sat Mar 4 2017
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You either love or hate his voice.

For what's it worth I did think it was pretty unique and easy to recognize(and I dang well like it) and he has more range than it seems if you only look at his usual roles(though when a character gets too excited you can hear his usual voice was a big giveaway it defintely got me figuring out an NPC voice in Trauma Center)
said at 4:44 PM on Wed Dec 21 2016
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Happy Birthday! Arakune
said at 10:59 AM on Wed Dec 21 2016
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You ran out of ink, too, didn't you, you bastards? Happy Birthday, Spike Spencer! I often find myself associating this guy with Shinji Ikari, though he's got other very favorable performances for sure. My other favorite Spencer roles consist of Arakune, Karasu Tengu, Void Do, Ginta Toramizu, Saburo Togusa, Gido, Hanataro Yamada, Marth, Gojo Shioji, and Ringabel.
said at 10:22 AM on Wed Dec 21 2016
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Happy Birthday Spike!
said at 11:53 PM on Sun Dec 27 2015
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My Top 10 Favorite Voices of Spike Spencer!

1. Shinji Ikari (Evangelion)
2. Arakune (BlazBlue)
3. Guan Suo (Dynasty Warriors)
4. Saburo Togusa (Durarara!!)
5. Wukong (League of Legends)
6. Ringabel (Bravely Default)
7. Jack Hamilton (Ar Tonelico)
8. Yeager (Tales of Vesperia)
9. Victor Niguel (Trauma Center)
10. Matias "Maty" LaFontaine (Disney's Violetta) ^__^
said at 3:14 PM on Fri Dec 25 2015
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Happy B-lated B-day, Mr. Spencer!!! And Merry Christmas
said at 8:16 PM on Mon Dec 21 2015
Happy Birthday, Guan Suo :)
said at 3:16 PM on Mon Dec 21 2015
Happy birthday, Spike.
said at 1:24 PM on Mon Dec 21 2015
Happy Birthday, Spencer.
said at 5:52 AM on Mon Aug 31 2015
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He's my favourite male voice actor.
He's excellent for teenage voices such as Shinji Ikari, Hanataro Yamada and Marth.
said at 7:18 PM on Tue May 5 2015
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Great to see he's reprising his roles this year.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 9:14 PM on Fri May 30 2014
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It would be interesting if Nintendo actually got Spike to reprise Marth in Smash Bros. I think he would actually be a decent Marth under good direction.
said at 9:31 AM on Sun Jul 6 2014
@Nightmare Crusher Yeah he hadn't voiced marth since in fire emblem animated show and yeah i think he'll do the great marth as he were to improve his voice work in a good way.

I'm saying it's just he'll step up a way to make marth's voice unique to match up the japanese voice actor of marth but it's just my opinion.
said at 5:28 PM on Fri Mar 1 2013
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After watching Evangelion 2.22 I'm very excited to see him in the rest of Rebuild! His emotional range for Shinji has improved tenfold and the last part of the movie had my jaw dropped in aw... and I nearly pissed myself too! I would love to meet Spike someday!
said at 8:12 PM on Tue Mar 26 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy *awe
said at 10:05 PM on Sat Nov 24 2012
and i do love his voice he brings Hazama (if you can't tell i think he's awesome) to life
said at 10:04 PM on Sat Nov 24 2012
is it bad that i know this guy's name from a Nostalgia Cirtic review
said at 11:10 AM on Fri Sep 27 2013
@huyh Nope.
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