Scott Rummell

Scott Rummell

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Scott Rummell's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 539
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Michael Dorn3 times with
Michael Dorn
Tara Strong3 times with
Tara Strong
Jennifer Hale3 times with
Jennifer Hale
Dee Bradley Baker3 times with
Dee Bradley Baker
Hynden Walch3 times with
Hynden Walch
Kim Mai Guest3 times with
Kim Mai Guest
Susan Eisenberg2 times with
Susan Eisenberg
Nicholas Guest2 times with
Nicholas Guest
Bobbi Page2 times with
Bobbi Page
Michael Jai White2 times with
Michael Jai White
Rene Auberjonois2 times with
Rene Auberjonois
Carl Lumbly2 times with
Carl Lumbly
Scott Menville2 times with
Scott Menville
Michael T Weiss2 times with
Michael T Weiss
Ashley Edner2 times with
Ashley Edner
Maria Canals2 times with
Maria Canals
Mona Marshall2 times with
Mona Marshall
Charles Napier2 times with
Charles Napier
Kath Soucie2 times with
Kath Soucie
Clyde Kusatsu2 times with
Clyde Kusatsu
Dana Delany2 times with
Dana Delany
James Remar2 times with
James Remar
Hector Elizondo2 times with
Hector Elizondo
Michael Ironside2 times with
Michael Ironside
Alan Rachins2 times with
Alan Rachins
Lauren Tom2 times with
Lauren Tom
John DiMaggio2 times with
John DiMaggio
Laraine Newman2 times with
Laraine Newman
Jeremy Piven2 times with
Jeremy Piven
Dan Castellaneta2 times with
Dan Castellaneta
Olivia d'Abo2 times with
Olivia d'Abo
Lisa Edelstein2 times with
Lisa Edelstein
Mark Hamill2 times with
Mark Hamill
Ron Perlman2 times with
Ron Perlman
Soren Fulton2 times with
Soren Fulton
Kimberly Brooks2 times with
Kimberly Brooks
Jason Marsden2 times with
Jason Marsden
Kevin Michael Richardson2 times with
Kevin Michael Richardson
David Ogden Stiers2 times with
David Ogden Stiers
Virginia Madsen2 times with
Virginia Madsen
Lauri Fraser2 times with
Lauri Fraser
Michael Rosenbaum2 times with
Michael Rosenbaum
Robert Englund2 times with
Robert Englund
Amber Hood2 times with
Amber Hood
Susan Sullivan2 times with
Susan Sullivan
Ted Levine2 times with
Ted Levine
Miriam Margolyes2 times with
Miriam Margolyes
George Newbern2 times with
George Newbern
Cathy Cavadini2 times with
Cathy Cavadini
Sheryl Lee Ralph2 times with
Sheryl Lee Ralph
Corey Burton2 times with
Corey Burton
Phil LaMarr2 times with
Phil LaMarr
Elizabeth Peņa2 times with
Elizabeth Peņa
Sam McMurray2 times with
Sam McMurray
Michael Bell2 times with
Michael Bell
Grey DeLisle-Griffin2 times with
Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Eric Roberts2 times with
Eric Roberts
Kevin Conroy2 times with
Kevin Conroy
Cree Summer2 times with
Cree Summer
Jan Rabson2 times with
Jan Rabson
Oded Fehr2 times with
Oded Fehr
Powers Boothe2 times with
Powers Boothe
John C McGinley2 times with
John C McGinley
Chad Michael Einbinder2 times with
Chad Michael Einbinder
Jose Yenque2 times with
Jose Yenque
Mike Farrell2 times with
Mike Farrell
Jeff Bennett2 times with
Jeff Bennett
Robert Picardo2 times with
Robert Picardo
Jamie Alcroft2 times with
Jamie Alcroft
Phil Proctor2 times with
Phil Proctor
Clancy Brown2 times with
Clancy Brown
Kristin Bauer1 time with
Kristin Bauer
Michael Donovan1 time with
Michael Donovan
Roger Nolan1 time with
Roger Nolan
Victor Rivers1 time with
Victor Rivers
Eve Brent1 time with
Eve Brent
Christa Rimmer1 time with
Christa Rimmer
Robert Foxworth1 time with
Robert Foxworth
Rick Charles Nelson1 time with
Rick Charles Nelson
Andre Sogliuzzo1 time with
Andre Sogliuzzo
Dave Thomas1 time with
Dave Thomas
Pat Musick1 time with
Pat Musick
John Byner1 time with
John Byner
Lori Loughlin1 time with
Lori Loughlin
Serena Berman1 time with
Serena Berman
Scott Weil1 time with
Scott Weil
Grant Heslov1 time with
Grant Heslov
Bud Cort1 time with
Bud Cort
Jon Joyce1 time with
Jon Joyce
Jim Belushi1 time with
Jim Belushi
Joanna Sandsmark1 time with
Joanna Sandsmark
Shane Haboucha1 time with
Shane Haboucha
Bob Kurtz1 time with
Bob Kurtz
Bruno Meglio1 time with
Bruno Meglio
CCH Pounder1 time with
CCH Pounder
S Scott Bullock1 time with
S Scott Bullock
Donald Pleasence1 time with
Donald Pleasence
Richard Williams1 time with
Richard Williams
Amanda Bynes1 time with
Amanda Bynes
Scott Patterson1 time with
Scott Patterson

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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