Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Date Of Birth: Sep 15, 1962
Birth Place: Brisbane, Austraila

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Scott McNeil is a voice actor known for voicing Koga, Dinobot, and Shiki.
Take a visual walk through his career and see 713 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 269 clips that showcase his performances.

Trivia & Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Voice Actors: Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker, Rob Paulsen, Jim Cummings, Mel Blanc, Garry Chalk 
  • Favorite Shows: Beast Wars, Pinky & the Brain 
  • Favorite Roles: Dinobot, Hermey the Elf 
  • Favorite Characters he did not play: Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin
  • Favorite Comedians: Bill Cosby, George Carlin 
  • Character that he would wish to voice: The Brain of Pinky & The Brain 
  • Once aided a young anime fan when she collapsed during an anime convention. 
  • Owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle. 
  • Former cigarette smoker. 
  • He is regularly seen in cowboy attire.
  • Once stated in a interview that he and his fellow VAs didn't like Beast Machines as much as Beast Wars. 
  • He finds it easy to voice anime characters without visible mouths.
  • Considers Richard Cox and Terry Klassen to be absolutely hilarious.
  • Hopes that present-day anime companies will use Ocean Studios more often.
  • He has absolutely nothing against Hugh Jackman but he always wondered what it would be like if he got to be Wolverine in the live-action X-Men movies. He was also a bit sore that David Kaye got to appear in the second one.
  • Admits that he hasn't seen much of G1 Transformers but absolutely loves Beast Wars.
  • As much as he loves anime dubs, he fully respects anime subs as well. 
  • Even though he has occasionally done some part-time non-acting work, he is glad that there he will most likely not need to quit doing voice-work and have to get a regular job. 
  • He landed his roles on Beast Wars because executives at Hasbro loved his performance as Fax Modem in Reboot. 

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(Quotes from him on CN 2001) "We shall all bow our head for the good parts of Escaflowne that ended up on the censor's floors.."
"I like kayaking...and chickens."
"We all live in a really big house with lots of rooms, we just play all day and everything's wonderful and there's little pixies...look, there's one now."

(Answering if the relationship between him and Garry Chalk is like Optimus Primal and Rattrap's.)
"Actually our relationship in real life is not unlike that. Garry's my hero."

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