Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Sarah Vowell's voice acting career, they have worked with Craig T Nelson the most times ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 294
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Craig T Nelson7 times with
Craig T Nelson
Holly Hunter6 times with
Holly Hunter
John Ratzenberger5 times with
John Ratzenberger
Jason Lee5 times with
Jason Lee
Brad Bird5 times with
Brad Bird
Huck Milner5 times with
Huck Milner
Elizabeth Peņa4 times with
Elizabeth Peņa
Samuel L Jackson4 times with
Samuel L Jackson
Wallace Shawn4 times with
Wallace Shawn
Lou Romano4 times with
Lou Romano
Jim Hanks4 times with
Jim Hanks
Eli Fucile4 times with
Eli Fucile
Spencer Fox4 times with
Spencer Fox
Roger Craig Smith3 times with
Roger Craig Smith
Fred Tatasciore3 times with
Fred Tatasciore
Richard McGonagle3 times with
Richard McGonagle
Teddy Newton3 times with
Teddy Newton
Dominique Louis3 times with
Dominique Louis
Michael Bird3 times with
Michael Bird
Peter Sohn3 times with
Peter Sohn
Kimberly Adair Clark3 times with
Kimberly Adair Clark
Tara Strong2 times with
Tara Strong
Phil LaMarr2 times with
Phil LaMarr
Jim Cummings2 times with
Jim Cummings
Jennifer Hale2 times with
Jennifer Hale
Paul Eiding2 times with
Paul Eiding
Mike MacRae2 times with
Mike MacRae
Julianne Buescher2 times with
Julianne Buescher
Brian George2 times with
Brian George
Keith Ferguson2 times with
Keith Ferguson
Patton Oswalt2 times with
Patton Oswalt
Jeff Pidgeon2 times with
Jeff Pidgeon
Blake Clark2 times with
Blake Clark
Bud Luckey2 times with
Bud Luckey
Owen Wilson2 times with
Owen Wilson
Larry the Cable Guy2 times with
Larry the Cable Guy
Dave Foley2 times with
Dave Foley
Martin Jarvis2 times with
Martin Jarvis
Barry Bostwick2 times with
Barry Bostwick
Maeve Andrews2 times with
Maeve Andrews
Bret Parker2 times with
Bret Parker
Emily Mortimer2 times with
Emily Mortimer
Nicholas Bird2 times with
Nicholas Bird
Brian T Delaney2 times with
Brian T Delaney
Bob Odenkirk2 times with
Bob Odenkirk
Catherine Keener2 times with
Catherine Keener
Raymond Ochoa2 times with
Raymond Ochoa
Jonathan Banks2 times with
Jonathan Banks
Isabella Rossellini2 times with
Isabella Rossellini
Deirdre Warin2 times with
Deirdre Warin
Sophia Bush2 times with
Sophia Bush
Bill Wise2 times with
Bill Wise
Adam Gates2 times with
Adam Gates
Michael B. Johnson2 times with
Michael B. Johnson
John Walker2 times with
John Walker
Corey Burton1 time with
Corey Burton
Billy West1 time with
Billy West
Will Friedle1 time with
Will Friedle
Tress MacNeille1 time with
Tress MacNeille
Nancy Cartwright1 time with
Nancy Cartwright
Loren Lester1 time with
Loren Lester
Kevin Conroy1 time with
Kevin Conroy
Frank Welker1 time with
Frank Welker
Jack Angel1 time with
Jack Angel
Christopher Daniel Barnes1 time with
Christopher Daniel Barnes
Bob Hastings1 time with
Bob Hastings
Cree Summer1 time with
Cree Summer
Rob Paulsen1 time with
Rob Paulsen
Russi Taylor1 time with
Russi Taylor
Greg Cipes1 time with
Greg Cipes
Scott Menville1 time with
Scott Menville
Khary Payton1 time with
Khary Payton
Cam Clarke1 time with
Cam Clarke
Townsend Coleman1 time with
Townsend Coleman
Ed Asner1 time with
Ed Asner
Bill Fagerbakke1 time with
Bill Fagerbakke
Lennie Weinrib1 time with
Lennie Weinrib
Tom Kenny1 time with
Tom Kenny
Lorenzo Music1 time with
Lorenzo Music
Carlos Alazraqui1 time with
Carlos Alazraqui
Crispin Freeman1 time with
Crispin Freeman
Lex Lang1 time with
Lex Lang
Mona Marshall1 time with
Mona Marshall
Barbara Goodson1 time with
Barbara Goodson
Joe Alaskey1 time with
Joe Alaskey
Elizabeth Daily1 time with
Elizabeth Daily
Don Messick1 time with
Don Messick
Charlie Adler1 time with
Charlie Adler
Patrick Fraley1 time with
Patrick Fraley
Mel Blanc1 time with
Mel Blanc
Peter Kelamis1 time with
Peter Kelamis
Brittney Wilson1 time with
Brittney Wilson
Yuri Lowenthal1 time with
Yuri Lowenthal
Bob Bergen1 time with
Bob Bergen
Trevor Devall1 time with
Trevor Devall
Hal Rayle1 time with
Hal Rayle
Travis Willingham1 time with
Travis Willingham
David Mendenhall1 time with
David Mendenhall
Pamela Adlon1 time with
Pamela Adlon
Alan Young1 time with
Alan Young

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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