Sarah Roach

Sarah Roach

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Sarah Roach's voice acting career, she has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 69
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Jad Saxton2 times with
Jad Saxton
Meg McClain2 times with
Meg McClain
Sonny Strait2 times with
Sonny Strait
Brianna Roberts2 times with
Brianna Roberts
Brittney Karbowski2 times with
Brittney Karbowski
Sarah Wiedenheft2 times with
Sarah Wiedenheft
Jamie Marchi1 time with
Jamie Marchi
Marcus Stimac1 time with
Marcus Stimac
Brina Palencia1 time with
Brina Palencia
Daman Mills1 time with
Daman Mills
Lydia Mackay1 time with
Lydia Mackay
Alejandro Saab1 time with
Alejandro Saab
Zeno Robinson1 time with
Zeno Robinson
Brad Kurtz1 time with
Brad Kurtz
Colleen Clinkenbeard1 time with
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Philip Weber1 time with
Philip Weber
Brendan Blaber1 time with
Brendan Blaber
Leah Clark1 time with
Leah Clark
Tabitha Ray1 time with
Tabitha Ray
Cherami Leigh1 time with
Cherami Leigh
Dallas Reid1 time with
Dallas Reid
Madeleine Morris1 time with
Madeleine Morris
Ricco Fajardo1 time with
Ricco Fajardo
Cynthia Cranz1 time with
Cynthia Cranz
Ray Hurd1 time with
Ray Hurd
Trina Nishimura1 time with
Trina Nishimura
Mikaela Krantz1 time with
Mikaela Krantz
Bryan Massey1 time with
Bryan Massey
Derick Snow1 time with
Derick Snow
Rick Keeling1 time with
Rick Keeling
Troy Hughes1 time with
Troy Hughes
Jennifer Alyx1 time with
Jennifer Alyx
Jeremy Inman1 time with
Jeremy Inman
Nick Landis1 time with
Nick Landis
Alexis Tipton1 time with
Alexis Tipton
Kellen Goff1 time with
Kellen Goff
Austin Tindle1 time with
Austin Tindle
Josh Bangle1 time with
Josh Bangle
Robert McCollum1 time with
Robert McCollum
Michelle Lee1 time with
Michelle Lee
Lizzie Ray1 time with
Lizzie Ray
Mark Stoddard1 time with
Mark Stoddard
Justin Briner1 time with
Justin Briner
Brian Mathis1 time with
Brian Mathis
Mark Allen Jr.1 time with
Mark Allen Jr.
Ian Sinclair1 time with
Ian Sinclair
Rachel Michelle Thompson1 time with
Rachel Michelle Thompson
Eric Vale1 time with
Eric Vale
Christopher Wehkamp1 time with
Christopher Wehkamp
Cory J. Phillips1 time with
Cory J. Phillips
Caitlin Glass1 time with
Caitlin Glass
Elizabeth Maxwell1 time with
Elizabeth Maxwell
Phil Parsons1 time with
Phil Parsons
Kristen McGuire1 time with
Kristen McGuire
Tia Ballard1 time with
Tia Ballard
Matt Shipman1 time with
Matt Shipman
Kyle Phillips1 time with
Kyle Phillips
Kayli Mills1 time with
Kayli Mills
Alison Viktorin1 time with
Alison Viktorin
Jeff Plunk1 time with
Jeff Plunk
Yong Yea1 time with
Yong Yea
Jason Liebrecht1 time with
Jason Liebrecht
Amber Lee Connors1 time with
Amber Lee Connors
Micah Solusod1 time with
Micah Solusod
Michaela Amanda Laws1 time with
Michaela Amanda Laws
Cris George1 time with
Cris George
Amanda Gish1 time with
Amanda Gish
Aaron Roberts1 time with
Aaron Roberts
Elsie Lovelock1 time with
Elsie Lovelock


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