Rylan Strachan

Rylan Strachan

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Rylan Strachan's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 123
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Hans Wackershauser4 times with
Hans Wackershauser
Scott Roberts4 times with
Scott Roberts
Alex Bergen3 times with
Alex Bergen
Murray Farnell3 times with
Murray Farnell
Griffin Kingston2 times with
Griffin Kingston
Mike Shepherd2 times with
Mike Shepherd
Zach LeBlanc2 times with
Zach LeBlanc
Brad Swaile2 times with
Brad Swaile
Adrian Petriw2 times with
Adrian Petriw
Aaron Chapman2 times with
Aaron Chapman
Nathan Hunt2 times with
Nathan Hunt
Bill Newton2 times with
Bill Newton
Brett Bauer2 times with
Brett Bauer
Nick Wolfhard2 times with
Nick Wolfhard
Marco Soriano2 times with
Marco Soriano
Kelly Sheridan2 times with
Kelly Sheridan
Caitlyn Bairstow2 times with
Caitlyn Bairstow
Andrew Francis2 times with
Andrew Francis
Katrina Salisbury2 times with
Katrina Salisbury
Valin Shinyei2 times with
Valin Shinyei
Vincent Tong2 times with
Vincent Tong
Cole Howard2 times with
Cole Howard
Michael Adamthwaite2 times with
Michael Adamthwaite
Stewart Cummings2 times with
Stewart Cummings
Michelle Molineux2 times with
Michelle Molineux
Olivia Duke2 times with
Olivia Duke
Gabe Khouth1 time with
Gabe Khouth
Marlie Collins1 time with
Marlie Collins
Nathanael Vass1 time with
Nathanael Vass
Lucas Gilbertson1 time with
Lucas Gilbertson
Matt Edworthy1 time with
Matt Edworthy
Mitchell Kummen1 time with
Mitchell Kummen
Richard Newman1 time with
Richard Newman
Ian Hanlin1 time with
Ian Hanlin
Emma Ross1 time with
Emma Ross
Chiara Zanni1 time with
Chiara Zanni
Paul Cowling1 time with
Paul Cowling
Fraser Tuff1 time with
Fraser Tuff
Maryke Hendrikse1 time with
Maryke Hendrikse
Sean Thomas1 time with
Sean Thomas
Reamonn Joshee1 time with
Reamonn Joshee
Caitlynne Medrek1 time with
Caitlynne Medrek
Riley Kramer1 time with
Riley Kramer
William Ashman1 time with
William Ashman
Emma Fowler Houghton1 time with
Emma Fowler Houghton
Advah Soudack1 time with
Advah Soudack
James Kirk1 time with
James Kirk
Jonathan Ostonal1 time with
Jonathan Ostonal
Michael Dobson1 time with
Michael Dobson
Lori Bachynski1 time with
Lori Bachynski
Andrew Cownden1 time with
Andrew Cownden
Daniel Doheny1 time with
Daniel Doheny
Brittney Irvin1 time with
Brittney Irvin
James Higuchi1 time with
James Higuchi
Siobhan Williams1 time with
Siobhan Williams
Jochanan Dufresne1 time with
Jochanan Dufresne
Dean Redman1 time with
Dean Redman
Lisa Durupt1 time with
Lisa Durupt
Hunter Dillon1 time with
Hunter Dillon
Bill Rawts1 time with
Bill Rawts
Saffron Henderson1 time with
Saffron Henderson
David A Kaye1 time with
David A Kaye
Chris Austman1 time with
Chris Austman
Matt Hill1 time with
Matt Hill
Daegan Manns1 time with
Daegan Manns
Phillip Jensen1 time with
Phillip Jensen
Rebecca Shoichet1 time with
Rebecca Shoichet
Maryanne Emma Gilbert1 time with
Maryanne Emma Gilbert
Doron Bell Jr1 time with
Doron Bell Jr
Antony Kim1 time with
Antony Kim
Paige Knickle1 time with
Paige Knickle
Brent Miller1 time with
Brent Miller
Matt Ellis1 time with
Matt Ellis
Karen Kelly1 time with
Karen Kelly
Diana Kaarina1 time with
Diana Kaarina
Tyler Weeks1 time with
Tyler Weeks
Mariee Devereux1 time with
Mariee Devereux
Neuman Mannas1 time with
Neuman Mannas
Roger Rhodes1 time with
Roger Rhodes
Catherine Gell1 time with
Catherine Gell
Thomas Zima1 time with
Thomas Zima
Ali DeRegt1 time with
Ali DeRegt
Will Simpson1 time with
Will Simpson
Venus Terzo1 time with
Venus Terzo
Mark Linde1 time with
Mark Linde
Doug Guatum1 time with
Doug Guatum
Jennifer Cameron1 time with
Jennifer Cameron
Riley Murdock1 time with
Riley Murdock
James Kot1 time with
James Kot
Brian Dobson1 time with
Brian Dobson
Brian Doe1 time with
Brian Doe
Connor Parnall1 time with
Connor Parnall
Kas Nixon1 time with
Kas Nixon
Matthew Erickson1 time with
Matthew Erickson
Joseph Girgis1 time with
Joseph Girgis
Dayton Wall1 time with
Dayton Wall
Josh Meredith1 time with
Josh Meredith
Maureen Jones1 time with
Maureen Jones
Josh Friesen1 time with
Josh Friesen
Calista Schmidt1 time with
Calista Schmidt

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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