Ryan Negron

Ryan Negron

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Ryan Negron's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 260
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Kent Williams4 times with
Kent Williams
David Wald4 times with
David Wald
Marisa Duran4 times with
Marisa Duran
Eric Vale3 times with
Eric Vale
Chris Rager3 times with
Chris Rager
Jim Foronda3 times with
Jim Foronda
Jad Saxton3 times with
Jad Saxton
Ian Sinclair3 times with
Ian Sinclair
Tyson Rinehart3 times with
Tyson Rinehart
Apphia Yu3 times with
Apphia Yu
Austin Tindle3 times with
Austin Tindle
Christopher Wehkamp3 times with
Christopher Wehkamp
Justin Briner3 times with
Justin Briner
Derick Snow3 times with
Derick Snow
Bill Butts3 times with
Bill Butts
Belsheber Rusape Jr.3 times with
Belsheber Rusape Jr.
Ben Georg Stegmair3 times with
Ben Georg Stegmair
Christopher Sabat2 times with
Christopher Sabat
Mike McFarland2 times with
Mike McFarland
Monica Rial2 times with
Monica Rial
Chuck Huber2 times with
Chuck Huber
John Burgmeier2 times with
John Burgmeier
Justin Cook2 times with
Justin Cook
Luci Christian2 times with
Luci Christian
John Swasey2 times with
John Swasey
Patrick Seitz2 times with
Patrick Seitz
Jamie Marchi2 times with
Jamie Marchi
Caitlin Glass2 times with
Caitlin Glass
Brittney Karbowski2 times with
Brittney Karbowski
Ernesto Jason Liebrecht2 times with
Ernesto Jason Liebrecht
Mark Stoddard2 times with
Mark Stoddard
Trina Nishimura2 times with
Trina Nishimura
Brandon Potter2 times with
Brandon Potter
Charles Campbell2 times with
Charles Campbell
Anastasia Munoz2 times with
Anastasia Munoz
Anthony Bowling2 times with
Anthony Bowling
Tia Ballard2 times with
Tia Ballard
Alexis Tipton2 times with
Alexis Tipton
Brad Hawkins2 times with
Brad Hawkins
Cris George2 times with
Cris George
Kenny Green2 times with
Kenny Green
David Matranga2 times with
David Matranga
Emily Neves2 times with
Emily Neves
Ryan Reynolds2 times with
Ryan Reynolds
Zeno Robinson2 times with
Zeno Robinson
Ricco Fajardo2 times with
Ricco Fajardo
Jarrod Greene2 times with
Jarrod Greene
Michelle Rojas2 times with
Michelle Rojas
Clifford Chapin2 times with
Clifford Chapin
Brittany Lauda2 times with
Brittany Lauda
Ray Hurd2 times with
Ray Hurd
Bryn Apprill2 times with
Bryn Apprill
Marcus Stimac2 times with
Marcus Stimac
Megan Shipman2 times with
Megan Shipman
Sarah Wiedenheft2 times with
Sarah Wiedenheft
Mallorie Rodak2 times with
Mallorie Rodak
Dawn M. Bennett2 times with
Dawn M. Bennett
Mikaela Krantz2 times with
Mikaela Krantz
Katelyn Barr2 times with
Katelyn Barr
Daman Mills2 times with
Daman Mills
Kristen McGuire2 times with
Kristen McGuire
Mark Allen Jr.2 times with
Mark Allen Jr.
Bryson Baugus2 times with
Bryson Baugus
Alejandro Saab2 times with
Alejandro Saab
Matt Shipman2 times with
Matt Shipman
Randy E. Aguebor2 times with
Randy E. Aguebor
Emily Fajardo2 times with
Emily Fajardo
Madeleine Morris2 times with
Madeleine Morris
Kyle Igneczi2 times with
Kyle Igneczi
Gabe Kunda2 times with
Gabe Kunda
Stephen Fu2 times with
Stephen Fu
Nazeeh Tarsha2 times with
Nazeeh Tarsha
Ethan Gallardo2 times with
Ethan Gallardo
Macy Anne Johnson2 times with
Macy Anne Johnson
Dani Chambers2 times with
Dani Chambers
Taylor Harris2 times with
Taylor Harris
Lee George2 times with
Lee George
Emi Lo2 times with
Emi Lo
Chris Gardner2 times with
Chris Gardner
Anairis Quinones2 times with
Anairis Quinones
Bradley Gareth2 times with
Bradley Gareth
Kevin Thelwell2 times with
Kevin Thelwell
Veronica Laux2 times with
Veronica Laux
William Ofoegbu2 times with
William Ofoegbu
Mauricio Ortiz-Segura2 times with
Mauricio Ortiz-Segura
Kyle Hebert1 time with
Kyle Hebert
Sonny Strait1 time with
Sonny Strait
Kara Edwards1 time with
Kara Edwards
Mike Pollock1 time with
Mike Pollock
Josh Martin1 time with
Josh Martin
Benjamin Diskin1 time with
Benjamin Diskin
Lisa Ortiz1 time with
Lisa Ortiz
Colleen Clinkenbeard1 time with
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Johnny Yong Bosch1 time with
Johnny Yong Bosch
Jerry Jewell1 time with
Jerry Jewell
Jason Douglas1 time with
Jason Douglas
Bryce Papenbrook1 time with
Bryce Papenbrook
R Bruce Elliott1 time with
R Bruce Elliott
Greg Ayres1 time with
Greg Ayres
Jay Hickman1 time with
Jay Hickman

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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