Rocio Prado

Rocio Prado


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Rocio Prado's voice acting career, they have worked with Jorge Santos the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 146
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Jorge Santos5 times with
Jorge Santos
Luis Daniel Ramirez3 times with
Luis Daniel Ramirez
Magda Giner3 times with
Magda Giner
Herman Lopez3 times with
Herman Lopez
Ruth Toscano3 times with
Ruth Toscano
Norma Iturbe3 times with
Norma Iturbe
Gerardo Reyero3 times with
Gerardo Reyero
Enzo Fortuny2 times with
Enzo Fortuny
Rossy Aguirre2 times with
Rossy Aguirre
Eduardo Garza2 times with
Eduardo Garza
Cristina Hernandez2 times with
Cristina Hernandez
Jorge Ornelas2 times with
Jorge Ornelas
Diana Perez2 times with
Diana Perez
Carlos Inigo2 times with
Carlos Inigo
Patricia Acevedo2 times with
Patricia Acevedo
Maggie Vera2 times with
Maggie Vera
Alfonso Obregon2 times with
Alfonso Obregon
Jose Antonio Macias2 times with
Jose Antonio Macias
Christine Byrd2 times with
Christine Byrd
Enrique Cervantes2 times with
Enrique Cervantes
Jonatan Lopez2 times with
Jonatan Lopez
Maria Fernanda Morales2 times with
Maria Fernanda Morales
Sergio Morel2 times with
Sergio Morel
Gloria Obregon2 times with
Gloria Obregon
Humberto Solorzano2 times with
Humberto Solorzano
Octavio Rojas2 times with
Octavio Rojas
Ariadna Gimenez2 times with
Ariadna Gimenez
Carmen Calvell2 times with
Carmen Calvell
Marina Garcia Guevara2 times with
Marina Garcia Guevara
Carmen Ambros2 times with
Carmen Ambros
Javier Roldan2 times with
Javier Roldan
Miguel Angel Ghigliazza2 times with
Miguel Angel Ghigliazza
Meritxell Ane2 times with
Meritxell Ane
Angel De Gracia2 times with
Angel De Gracia
Carlos del Campo2 times with
Carlos del Campo
Luis Alfonso Mendoza2 times with
Luis Alfonso Mendoza
Gaby Willer2 times with
Gaby Willer
Bardo Miranda2 times with
Bardo Miranda
Alejandro Mayen2 times with
Alejandro Mayen
Gabriel Chavez1 time with
Gabriel Chavez
Irma Carmona1 time with
Irma Carmona
Martin Soto1 time with
Martin Soto
Gabriel Gama1 time with
Gabriel Gama
Laura Torres1 time with
Laura Torres
Mario Castaneda1 time with
Mario Castaneda
Sebastian Llapur1 time with
Sebastian Llapur
Isabel Martinon1 time with
Isabel Martinon
Mariana Ortiz1 time with
Mariana Ortiz
Arturo Mercado Jr1 time with
Arturo Mercado Jr
Carla Castaneda1 time with
Carla Castaneda
Claudia Motta1 time with
Claudia Motta
Karina Altamirano1 time with
Karina Altamirano
Meli G1 time with
Meli G
Elsa Covian1 time with
Elsa Covian
Giset Blanco1 time with
Giset Blanco
Rosalba Sotelo1 time with
Rosalba Sotelo
Erick Salinas1 time with
Erick Salinas
Isabel Valls1 time with
Isabel Valls
Jordi Ribes1 time with
Jordi Ribes
Dulce Guerrero1 time with
Dulce Guerrero
Carolina Ayala1 time with
Carolina Ayala
Cecilia Gomez1 time with
Cecilia Gomez
Susana Moreno1 time with
Susana Moreno
Gaby Ugarte1 time with
Gaby Ugarte
Rebeca Patino1 time with
Rebeca Patino
Betzabe Jara1 time with
Betzabe Jara
Arturo Castaneda1 time with
Arturo Castaneda
Rebeca Gomez1 time with
Rebeca Gomez
Juan Carlos Tinoco1 time with
Juan Carlos Tinoco
Edson Matus1 time with
Edson Matus
Marisol Romero1 time with
Marisol Romero
Diana Alonso1 time with
Diana Alonso
Ricardo Silva1 time with
Ricardo Silva
Hector Moreno1 time with
Hector Moreno
Xochitl Ugarte1 time with
Xochitl Ugarte
Moises Ivan Mora1 time with
Moises Ivan Mora
Victor Hugo Aguilar1 time with
Victor Hugo Aguilar
Ernesto Lezama1 time with
Ernesto Lezama
Romina Marroquin Payro1 time with
Romina Marroquin Payro
Leyla Rangel1 time with
Leyla Rangel
Jesse Conde1 time with
Jesse Conde
Federico Romano1 time with
Federico Romano
Irwin Daayan1 time with
Irwin Daayan
Analiz Sanchez1 time with
Analiz Sanchez
Sarah Souza1 time with
Sarah Souza
Nycolle Gonzalez1 time with
Nycolle Gonzalez
Dani Albiac1 time with
Dani Albiac
Jose Padilla1 time with
Jose Padilla
Karla Falcon1 time with
Karla Falcon
Andres Gutierrez Coto1 time with
Andres Gutierrez Coto
Fernando Hernandez1 time with
Fernando Hernandez
Jose Luis Angulo1 time with
Jose Luis Angulo
Jessica Ortiz1 time with
Jessica Ortiz
Daniel del Roble1 time with
Daniel del Roble
Annie Rojas1 time with
Annie Rojas
Igor Cruz1 time with
Igor Cruz
Laura Ayala1 time with
Laura Ayala
Salvador Reyes1 time with
Salvador Reyes
Eduardo Fonseca1 time with
Eduardo Fonseca
Jerry Velazquez1 time with
Jerry Velazquez

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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