Robin Clayton

Robin Clayton

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Robin Clayton's voice acting career, they have worked with Katelyn Barr the most times ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 106
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Katelyn Barr3 times with
Katelyn Barr
Derick Snow2 times with
Derick Snow
Bryson Baugus2 times with
Bryson Baugus
Lindsay Sheppard2 times with
Lindsay Sheppard
Chris Long2 times with
Chris Long
Bradley Gareth2 times with
Bradley Gareth
Cassie Ewulu2 times with
Cassie Ewulu
Celeste Perez2 times with
Celeste Perez
Veronica Laux2 times with
Veronica Laux
Hannah Alyea2 times with
Hannah Alyea
William Ofoegbu2 times with
William Ofoegbu
Brandon Acosta2 times with
Brandon Acosta
Eric Vale1 time with
Eric Vale
Linda Young1 time with
Linda Young
Jason Douglas1 time with
Jason Douglas
Kent Williams1 time with
Kent Williams
R Bruce Elliott1 time with
R Bruce Elliott
Kate Bristol1 time with
Kate Bristol
Andy Mullins1 time with
Andy Mullins
Mark Stoddard1 time with
Mark Stoddard
Trina Nishimura1 time with
Trina Nishimura
Chris Rager1 time with
Chris Rager
Brian Mathis1 time with
Brian Mathis
Lydia Mackay1 time with
Lydia Mackay
Linda Leonard1 time with
Linda Leonard
Jad Saxton1 time with
Jad Saxton
David Wald1 time with
David Wald
Lara Woodhull1 time with
Lara Woodhull
Ricco Fajardo1 time with
Ricco Fajardo
Randy Pearlman1 time with
Randy Pearlman
Morgan Lauré Garrett1 time with
Morgan Lauré Garrett
Aaron Roberts1 time with
Aaron Roberts
Christopher Wehkamp1 time with
Christopher Wehkamp
Jennifer Alyx1 time with
Jennifer Alyx
Lauren Allison1 time with
Lauren Allison
Ray Hurd1 time with
Ray Hurd
Sarah Wiedenheft1 time with
Sarah Wiedenheft
Justin Briner1 time with
Justin Briner
Jan Aponte1 time with
Jan Aponte
Mikaela Krantz1 time with
Mikaela Krantz
Morgan Berry1 time with
Morgan Berry
Mark Allen Jr.1 time with
Mark Allen Jr.
Garrett Schenck1 time with
Garrett Schenck
Stephen Sanders1 time with
Stephen Sanders
Madeleine Morris1 time with
Madeleine Morris
Giovannie Cruz1 time with
Giovannie Cruz
Kyle Igneczi1 time with
Kyle Igneczi
Ethan Gallardo1 time with
Ethan Gallardo
Reagan Murdock1 time with
Reagan Murdock
Ariel Graham1 time with
Ariel Graham
Emi Lo1 time with
Emi Lo
Hayden Daviau1 time with
Hayden Daviau
Josh Bangle1 time with
Josh Bangle
Landon McDonald1 time with
Landon McDonald
Jonah Scott1 time with
Jonah Scott
Ciaran Strange1 time with
Ciaran Strange
Aaron Campbell1 time with
Aaron Campbell
Brianna Roberts1 time with
Brianna Roberts
Jack Reeder1 time with
Jack Reeder
Corey Pettit1 time with
Corey Pettit
Kieran Flitton1 time with
Kieran Flitton
Alex Hom1 time with
Alex Hom
Molly Zhang1 time with
Molly Zhang
Brent Mukai1 time with
Brent Mukai
Josh Putnam1 time with
Josh Putnam
Carl G. Brooks1 time with
Carl G. Brooks
Belsheber Rusape Jr.1 time with
Belsheber Rusape Jr.
Jalitza Delgado1 time with
Jalitza Delgado
Kelly Greenshield1 time with
Kelly Greenshield
Rowan Gilvie1 time with
Rowan Gilvie
Kelsey Cruz1 time with
Kelsey Cruz
Christian Thorsen1 time with
Christian Thorsen
Kristian Eros1 time with
Kristian Eros
Kimber Martin1 time with
Kimber Martin
Kayla Parker1 time with
Kayla Parker
Monty Thompson1 time with
Monty Thompson
Trisha Mellon1 time with
Trisha Mellon
Monét Lerner1 time with
Monét Lerner
Charles Nguyen1 time with
Charles Nguyen
Abigail Blythe1 time with
Abigail Blythe
Christopher Lee Johnson1 time with
Christopher Lee Johnson
SuzAnne DeCarma1 time with
SuzAnne DeCarma
Kamen Casey1 time with
Kamen Casey
Ryan Negron1 time with
Ryan Negron
Corey Wilder1 time with
Corey Wilder
Bev Mageto1 time with
Bev Mageto
Gerard Caster1 time with
Gerard Caster
Brian Pappas1 time with
Brian Pappas
Patrick Mealey1 time with
Patrick Mealey
Bree Han1 time with
Bree Han
Mauricio Ortiz-Segura1 time with
Mauricio Ortiz-Segura
Raquel Ascension1 time with
Raquel Ascension
Erin Lundquist1 time with
Erin Lundquist
Uku Leili1 time with
Uku Leili
Dio Garner1 time with
Dio Garner
Monica Flatley1 time with
Monica Flatley
Brandi Price1 time with
Brandi Price
Jacob Wilson1 time with
Jacob Wilson
Rebecca Danae1 time with
Rebecca Danae
Chris Rutledge1 time with
Chris Rutledge

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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