Robert Manahan

Robert Manahan

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Robert Manahan's voice acting career, they have worked with Richard Steven Horvitz the most times ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 73
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Richard Steven Horvitz6 times with
Richard Steven Horvitz
Barbara Goodson5 times with
Barbara Goodson
Steve Kramer4 times with
Steve Kramer
Scott Page Pagter4 times with
Scott Page Pagter
Derek Stephen Prince4 times with
Derek Stephen Prince
Robert Axelrod4 times with
Robert Axelrod
Bob Papenbrook4 times with
Bob Papenbrook
Brad Orchard4 times with
Brad Orchard
Michael Sorich4 times with
Michael Sorich
Lex Lang4 times with
Lex Lang
Alex Borstein3 times with
Alex Borstein
Kim Strauss3 times with
Kim Strauss
Kerrigan Mahan3 times with
Kerrigan Mahan
Wendee Lee3 times with
Wendee Lee
Eddie Frierson3 times with
Eddie Frierson
Dave Mallow3 times with
Dave Mallow
Ezra Weisz3 times with
Ezra Weisz
Kirk Thornton3 times with
Kirk Thornton
Oliver Page3 times with
Oliver Page
Ken Merckx3 times with
Ken Merckx
Richard Epcar3 times with
Richard Epcar
Brianne Brozey3 times with
Brianne Brozey
John C Hyke2 times with
John C Hyke
Catherine Battistone2 times with
Catherine Battistone
Paul Schrier2 times with
Paul Schrier
David Stenstrom2 times with
David Stenstrom
Ali Afshar2 times with
Ali Afshar
Paul Pistore2 times with
Paul Pistore
Simon Prescott2 times with
Simon Prescott
Michael McConnohie2 times with
Michael McConnohie
Tom Fahn2 times with
Tom Fahn
Richard Cansino2 times with
Richard Cansino
Julie Maddalena2 times with
Julie Maddalena
Tony Oliver2 times with
Tony Oliver
Mike Reynolds2 times with
Mike Reynolds
Tom Wyner2 times with
Tom Wyner
Patrick David1 time with
Patrick David
Amy Jo Johnson1 time with
Amy Jo Johnson
Karim Prince1 time with
Karim Prince
Jackie Marchand1 time with
Jackie Marchand
David Yost1 time with
David Yost
Blake Torney1 time with
Blake Torney
Thuy Trang1 time with
Thuy Trang
Christopher Cho1 time with
Christopher Cho
JB Levine1 time with
JB Levine
Jason David Frank1 time with
Jason David Frank
Victoria Davis1 time with
Victoria Davis
Michael Maize1 time with
Michael Maize
Matthew Kermit Miller1 time with
Matthew Kermit Miller
David Fielding1 time with
David Fielding
Kamera Walton1 time with
Kamera Walton
Martin G Metcalf1 time with
Martin G Metcalf
Walter Jones1 time with
Walter Jones
Ari Ross1 time with
Ari Ross
Glen McDougal1 time with
Glen McDougal
Neil Kaplan1 time with
Neil Kaplan
Bryan Cranston1 time with
Bryan Cranston
Robert Martin Klein1 time with
Robert Martin Klein
Doug Stone1 time with
Doug Stone
Steve Apostolina1 time with
Steve Apostolina
Daniel Woren1 time with
Daniel Woren
Melora Harte1 time with
Melora Harte
Brad Hawkins1 time with
Brad Hawkins
Wally Wingert1 time with
Wally Wingert
Peter Greenwood1 time with
Peter Greenwood
Jennifer Tung1 time with
Jennifer Tung
Brian Tahash1 time with
Brian Tahash
Chuck Kovacic1 time with
Chuck Kovacic
Rebecca Forstadt1 time with
Rebecca Forstadt
Catherine Sutherland1 time with
Catherine Sutherland
Douglas J Sloan1 time with
Douglas J Sloan
Jason Narvy1 time with
Jason Narvy
Dave Walsh1 time with
Dave Walsh


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