Rico Sasaki

Rico Sasaki


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Rico Sasaki's voice acting career, she has worked with Shiori Izawa the most times ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 62
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Shiori Izawa2 times with
Shiori Izawa
Kiyoshi Katsunuma1 time with
Kiyoshi Katsunuma
Kenichi Inoue1 time with
Kenichi Inoue
Hisako Tojo1 time with
Hisako Tojo
Reiko Abe1 time with
Reiko Abe
Aimi Tanaka1 time with
Aimi Tanaka
Mafia Kajita1 time with
Mafia Kajita
Kōsuke Toriumi1 time with
Kōsuke Toriumi
Makoto Sahara1 time with
Makoto Sahara
Aya Uchida1 time with
Aya Uchida
Yuki Nagano1 time with
Yuki Nagano
Sho Sudo1 time with
Sho Sudo
Momoyo Koyama1 time with
Momoyo Koyama
Sawako Hata1 time with
Sawako Hata
Tsukasa Uchiyama1 time with
Tsukasa Uchiyama
Junya Enoki1 time with
Junya Enoki
Mayuko Kazama1 time with
Mayuko Kazama
Sayaka Ohara1 time with
Sayaka Ohara
Madoka Asahina1 time with
Madoka Asahina
Kaoru Komatsu1 time with
Kaoru Komatsu
Manami Numakura1 time with
Manami Numakura
Marina Yabuuchi1 time with
Marina Yabuuchi
Minami Tanaka1 time with
Minami Tanaka
Chiyo Tomaru1 time with
Chiyo Tomaru
Kenji Nojima1 time with
Kenji Nojima
Kouji Kawakami1 time with
Kouji Kawakami
Yōko Hikasa1 time with
Yōko Hikasa
Mayu Yoshioka1 time with
Mayu Yoshioka
Hiroshi Nakamura1 time with
Hiroshi Nakamura
Hitomi Isaka1 time with
Hitomi Isaka
Atsushi Tamaru1 time with
Atsushi Tamaru
Yuki Mabuchi1 time with
Yuki Mabuchi
Marika Kono1 time with
Marika Kono
Runa Narumi1 time with
Runa Narumi
Chiwa Saito1 time with
Chiwa Saito
Kanoko Akahori1 time with
Kanoko Akahori
Saki Fujita1 time with
Saki Fujita
Yuko Ono1 time with
Yuko Ono
Takuya Satou1 time with
Takuya Satou
Yuna Ogata1 time with
Yuna Ogata
Yo Taichi1 time with
Yo Taichi
Honoka Kuroki1 time with
Honoka Kuroki
Chinami Hashimoto1 time with
Chinami Hashimoto
Nobuhiko Okamoto1 time with
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Manaka Iwami1 time with
Manaka Iwami
Kanehira Yamamoto1 time with
Kanehira Yamamoto
Maria Sashide1 time with
Maria Sashide
Yuuki Kuwahara1 time with
Yuuki Kuwahara
Reika Kisumi1 time with
Reika Kisumi
Akane Fujita1 time with
Akane Fujita
Saya Fukuzumi1 time with
Saya Fukuzumi
Tomokazu Sugita1 time with
Tomokazu Sugita
Shiori Sugiura1 time with
Shiori Sugiura
Kaori Nakamura1 time with
Kaori Nakamura
Rika Kinugawa1 time with
Rika Kinugawa
Akira Kasahara1 time with
Akira Kasahara
Teiko Kagohara1 time with
Teiko Kagohara
Yurina Furukawa1 time with
Yurina Furukawa
Haruka Sugita1 time with
Haruka Sugita
Yuko Okui1 time with
Yuko Okui
Hiro Shimono1 time with
Hiro Shimono
Masanori Matsuoka1 time with
Masanori Matsuoka


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