Riccardo Rossi

Riccardo Rossi


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Riccardo Rossi's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 90
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Luigi Ferraro3 times with
Luigi Ferraro
Barbara De Bortoli3 times with
Barbara De Bortoli
Marco Vivio3 times with
Marco Vivio
Roberto Del Giudice2 times with
Roberto Del Giudice
Roberto Pedicini2 times with
Roberto Pedicini
Marco Mete2 times with
Marco Mete
Laura Boccanera2 times with
Laura Boccanera
Gabriele Patriarca2 times with
Gabriele Patriarca
Roberto Staffogia2 times with
Roberto Staffogia
Simone Mori2 times with
Simone Mori
Luca Ward2 times with
Luca Ward
Massimo De Ambrosis2 times with
Massimo De Ambrosis
Francesco Pannofino2 times with
Francesco Pannofino
Federica De Bortoli2 times with
Federica De Bortoli
Francesco Bulckaen2 times with
Francesco Bulckaen
Ernesto Brancucci2 times with
Ernesto Brancucci
Tonino Accolla2 times with
Tonino Accolla
Andrea Ward2 times with
Andrea Ward
Sergio Fiorentini2 times with
Sergio Fiorentini
Roberta Pellini2 times with
Roberta Pellini
Gianni Musy2 times with
Gianni Musy
Sergio Di Stefano1 time with
Sergio Di Stefano
Roberto Stocchi1 time with
Roberto Stocchi
Eva Padoan1 time with
Eva Padoan
Manfredi Aliquo1 time with
Manfredi Aliquo
Ilaria Stagni1 time with
Ilaria Stagni
Mario Feliciani1 time with
Mario Feliciani
Emanuela Damasio1 time with
Emanuela Damasio
Paolo De Santis1 time with
Paolo De Santis
Alessandro Rossi1 time with
Alessandro Rossi
Vittorio Gassman1 time with
Vittorio Gassman
Marco Baroni1 time with
Marco Baroni
Cinzia De Carolis1 time with
Cinzia De Carolis
Fabio Fazio1 time with
Fabio Fazio
Adriano Giannini1 time with
Adriano Giannini
Melina Martello1 time with
Melina Martello
Manuela Cenciarelli1 time with
Manuela Cenciarelli
Perla Liberatori1 time with
Perla Liberatori
Fabrizio Pucci1 time with
Fabrizio Pucci
Franco Mannella1 time with
Franco Mannella
Sandro Tuminelli1 time with
Sandro Tuminelli
Alessia Amendola1 time with
Alessia Amendola
Loris Loddi1 time with
Loris Loddi
Marco Guadagno1 time with
Marco Guadagno
Paola Giannetti1 time with
Paola Giannetti
Stefano Macchi1 time with
Stefano Macchi
Pino Insegno1 time with
Pino Insegno
Renato Cortesi1 time with
Renato Cortesi
Oreste Baldini1 time with
Oreste Baldini
Paola Tedesco1 time with
Paola Tedesco
Pierluigi Astore1 time with
Pierluigi Astore
Lorena Brancucci1 time with
Lorena Brancucci
Alessio Puccio1 time with
Alessio Puccio
Luciana Littizzetto1 time with
Luciana Littizzetto
Francesco Pezzulli1 time with
Francesco Pezzulli
Renato Turi1 time with
Renato Turi
George Castiglia1 time with
George Castiglia
Mino Caprio1 time with
Mino Caprio
Emanuela Rossi1 time with
Emanuela Rossi
Pasquale Anselmo1 time with
Pasquale Anselmo
Fabrizio De Flaviis1 time with
Fabrizio De Flaviis
Rita Savagnone1 time with
Rita Savagnone
Giovanni Petrucci1 time with
Giovanni Petrucci
Monica Ward1 time with
Monica Ward
Max Giusti1 time with
Max Giusti
Renato Cecchetto1 time with
Renato Cecchetto
Corrado Gaipa1 time with
Corrado Gaipa
Stella Musy1 time with
Stella Musy
Renata Fusco1 time with
Renata Fusco
Stefano Crescentini1 time with
Stefano Crescentini
Francesca Fiorentini1 time with
Francesca Fiorentini
Dante Biagioni1 time with
Dante Biagioni
Neri Marcore1 time with
Neri Marcore
Ralph Palka1 time with
Ralph Palka
Massimiliano Alto1 time with
Massimiliano Alto
Renzo Montagnani1 time with
Renzo Montagnani
Alberto Angela1 time with
Alberto Angela
Gianni Bonagura1 time with
Gianni Bonagura
Monica Bertolotti1 time with
Monica Bertolotti
Valentina Favazza1 time with
Valentina Favazza
Wanda Tettoni1 time with
Wanda Tettoni
Christian Iansante1 time with
Christian Iansante
Tullio Solenghi1 time with
Tullio Solenghi
Emanuela DAmico1 time with
Emanuela DAmico
Selvaggia Lucarelli1 time with
Selvaggia Lucarelli
Michele Kalamera1 time with
Michele Kalamera
Oreste Lionello1 time with
Oreste Lionello
Stefano Rinaldi1 time with
Stefano Rinaldi
Alessandro Quarta1 time with
Alessandro Quarta
Paolo Buglioni1 time with
Paolo Buglioni


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