Rene Zagger

Rene Zagger

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Rene Zagger's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 124
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Adam Howden4 times with
Adam Howden
Peter Bramhill4 times with
Peter Bramhill
Laura Aikman3 times with
Laura Aikman
Carina Reeves3 times with
Carina Reeves
Timothy Watson3 times with
Timothy Watson
Rachel Atkins3 times with
Rachel Atkins
Nicholas Boulton3 times with
Nicholas Boulton
Colin Ryan3 times with
Colin Ryan
Luke Allen-Gale3 times with
Luke Allen-Gale
Joanna Ruiz3 times with
Joanna Ruiz
Jaimi Barbakoff3 times with
Jaimi Barbakoff
Anthony Howell3 times with
Anthony Howell
Nigel Pilkington3 times with
Nigel Pilkington
Robyn Addison3 times with
Robyn Addison
Robert Vernon3 times with
Robert Vernon
Matt Stokoe3 times with
Matt Stokoe
Jonathan Bailey3 times with
Jonathan Bailey
Beatriz Romilly3 times with
Beatriz Romilly
Bethan Walker3 times with
Bethan Walker
Gemma Lawrence3 times with
Gemma Lawrence
Gunnar Cauthery3 times with
Gunnar Cauthery
Joe Dempsie3 times with
Joe Dempsie
Matt McCooey3 times with
Matt McCooey
Blake Ritson2 times with
Blake Ritson
Sheila Steafel2 times with
Sheila Steafel
Tracy Ann Oberman2 times with
Tracy Ann Oberman
Michael Maloney2 times with
Michael Maloney
James Goode2 times with
James Goode
Annabel Scholey2 times with
Annabel Scholey
Philip Jackson2 times with
Philip Jackson
Gwilym Lee2 times with
Gwilym Lee
Hannah Arterton2 times with
Hannah Arterton
Michael McElhatton2 times with
Michael McElhatton
Andrew Koji2 times with
Andrew Koji
Nigel Betts2 times with
Nigel Betts
Kristian Phillips2 times with
Kristian Phillips
Ciaran Owens2 times with
Ciaran Owens
Salome R. Gunnarsdottir2 times with
Salome R. Gunnarsdottir
Joe Tandberg2 times with
Joe Tandberg
John Heffernan2 times with
John Heffernan
Ian James Corlett1 time with
Ian James Corlett
Laura Bailey1 time with
Laura Bailey
Tara Platt1 time with
Tara Platt
Julie Ann Taylor1 time with
Julie Ann Taylor
Keith Silverstein1 time with
Keith Silverstein
Cherami Leigh1 time with
Cherami Leigh
Lloyd Sherr1 time with
Lloyd Sherr
Cassandra Lee Morris1 time with
Cassandra Lee Morris
Simon Greenall1 time with
Simon Greenall
Emerson Brooks1 time with
Emerson Brooks
Kira Buckland1 time with
Kira Buckland
Alejandra Reynoso1 time with
Alejandra Reynoso
Laura Post1 time with
Laura Post
Zeno Robinson1 time with
Zeno Robinson
Allan Corduner1 time with
Allan Corduner
Naoko Mori1 time with
Naoko Mori
Alec Newman1 time with
Alec Newman
Joanna Roth1 time with
Joanna Roth
Antony Byrne1 time with
Antony Byrne
Erin Yvette1 time with
Erin Yvette
Brian Protheroe1 time with
Brian Protheroe
Bruce Mackinnon1 time with
Bruce Mackinnon
David Menkin1 time with
David Menkin
Eleanor Matsuura1 time with
Eleanor Matsuura
Faye Mata1 time with
Faye Mata
Orion Lee1 time with
Orion Lee
Ray Chase1 time with
Ray Chase
Mark Frost1 time with
Mark Frost
Theo Devaney1 time with
Theo Devaney
David Rintoul1 time with
David Rintoul
Allegra Clark1 time with
Allegra Clark
Emily O'Brien1 time with
Emily O'Brien
Kyle McCarley1 time with
Kyle McCarley
John Hopkins1 time with
John Hopkins
Siobhan Hewlett1 time with
Siobhan Hewlett
Sebastian Abineri1 time with
Sebastian Abineri
Ryan Gage1 time with
Ryan Gage
Lydia Leonard1 time with
Lydia Leonard
Jaye Jacobs1 time with
Jaye Jacobs
Gemma Whelan1 time with
Gemma Whelan
Rosie Jones1 time with
Rosie Jones
Alejandro Saab1 time with
Alejandro Saab
Tessa Netting1 time with
Tessa Netting
Olivia Morgan1 time with
Olivia Morgan
Charlie Rix1 time with
Charlie Rix
Daniel Fraser1 time with
Daniel Fraser
Stephen Hoo1 time with
Stephen Hoo
Andrew Morgado1 time with
Andrew Morgado
Edward Dogliani1 time with
Edward Dogliani
Griffin Puatu1 time with
Griffin Puatu
Nicolas Colicos1 time with
Nicolas Colicos
Baraka May1 time with
Baraka May
Aleks Le1 time with
Aleks Le
Emma Ballantine1 time with
Emma Ballantine
Zoe Tapper1 time with
Zoe Tapper
Alfrun Rose1 time with
Alfrun Rose
Nina Yndis1 time with
Nina Yndis
Melkorka Oskarsdottir1 time with
Melkorka Oskarsdottir
Jason Nuzzo1 time with
Jason Nuzzo
Suzie Yeung1 time with
Suzie Yeung

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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