Reinder van der Naalt

Reinder van der Naalt


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Reinder van der Naalt's voice acting career, they have worked with Hein Boele the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 120
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Hein Boele5 times with
Hein Boele
Frits Lambrechts4 times with
Frits Lambrechts
Huub Dikstaal4 times with
Huub Dikstaal
Marcel Jonker4 times with
Marcel Jonker
Jannemien Cnossen3 times with
Jannemien Cnossen
Jan Anne Drenth3 times with
Jan Anne Drenth
Kick Stokhuyzen3 times with
Kick Stokhuyzen
John de Winter3 times with
John de Winter
Simon Zwiers2 times with
Simon Zwiers
Wim T. Schippers2 times with
Wim T. Schippers
Fred Meijer2 times with
Fred Meijer
Milan van Weelden2 times with
Milan van Weelden
Frans Limburg2 times with
Frans Limburg
Wiebe-Pier Cnossen2 times with
Wiebe-Pier Cnossen
Rolf Koster2 times with
Rolf Koster
Tony Neef2 times with
Tony Neef
Ger Smit2 times with
Ger Smit
Paul van Gorcum2 times with
Paul van Gorcum
Beatrijs Sluijter2 times with
Beatrijs Sluijter
Maarten Veerman2 times with
Maarten Veerman
Paul Kloote2 times with
Paul Kloote
Maria Lindes2 times with
Maria Lindes
Coen Flink2 times with
Coen Flink
Jerome Reehuis2 times with
Jerome Reehuis
Kees van Lier2 times with
Kees van Lier
Ewout Eggink2 times with
Ewout Eggink
Jan Nonhof1 time with
Jan Nonhof
Pierre Bokma1 time with
Pierre Bokma
Trevor Reekers1 time with
Trevor Reekers
Sander de Heer1 time with
Sander de Heer
Donna Vrijhof1 time with
Donna Vrijhof
Veerle Burmeister1 time with
Veerle Burmeister
Melise de Winter1 time with
Melise de Winter
Stan Limburg1 time with
Stan Limburg
Stephan Holwerda1 time with
Stephan Holwerda
Hero Muller1 time with
Hero Muller
Thijs Van Aken1 time with
Thijs Van Aken
Louis van Beek1 time with
Louis van Beek
Joost Claes1 time with
Joost Claes
Boyan van der Heijden1 time with
Boyan van der Heijden
Paul Disbergen1 time with
Paul Disbergen
Jelle Amersfoort1 time with
Jelle Amersfoort
Joey Schalker1 time with
Joey Schalker
Rogier Komproe1 time with
Rogier Komproe
Florus van Rooijen1 time with
Florus van Rooijen
Has Drijver1 time with
Has Drijver
Jantine van den Bosch1 time with
Jantine van den Bosch
Leo Richardson1 time with
Leo Richardson
Oscar Siegelaar1 time with
Oscar Siegelaar
Kevin Hassing1 time with
Kevin Hassing
Daisy Duin1 time with
Daisy Duin
Jolijn Henneman1 time with
Jolijn Henneman
Justin Swagerman1 time with
Justin Swagerman
Daan van Rijssel1 time with
Daan van Rijssel
Xander Gallois1 time with
Xander Gallois
Vajen van den Bosch1 time with
Vajen van den Bosch
Jeske van de Staak1 time with
Jeske van de Staak
Laura Vlasblom1 time with
Laura Vlasblom
Edward Reekers1 time with
Edward Reekers
Maroles Van Den Heuvel1 time with
Maroles Van Den Heuvel
Alexander de Brujin1 time with
Alexander de Brujin
Canick Hermans1 time with
Canick Hermans
Enzo Coenen1 time with
Enzo Coenen
Erik van der Horst1 time with
Erik van der Horst
Femke Mostert1 time with
Femke Mostert
Gaby Milder1 time with
Gaby Milder
Hymke de Vries1 time with
Hymke de Vries
Joanne Telesford1 time with
Joanne Telesford
Job Bovelander1 time with
Job Bovelander
Jorien Zeevart1 time with
Jorien Zeevart
Paul Nieuwenhuijsen1 time with
Paul Nieuwenhuijsen
Peggy Sandaal1 time with
Peggy Sandaal
Pip Pellens1 time with
Pip Pellens
Roben Mitchell van den Dungen Bille1 time with
Roben Mitchell van den Dungen Bille
Rutger Le Poole1 time with
Rutger Le Poole
Seb van den Berg1 time with
Seb van den Berg
Tara Hetharia1 time with
Tara Hetharia
Tom Bohmer1 time with
Tom Bohmer
Victor van Swaay1 time with
Victor van Swaay
Lucie de Lange1 time with
Lucie de Lange
Carol van Herwijnen1 time with
Carol van Herwijnen
Dewi Douwes1 time with
Dewi Douwes
Mark Omvlee1 time with
Mark Omvlee
Anita Heilker1 time with
Anita Heilker
Harrie Geelen1 time with
Harrie Geelen
Pim Edomskis1 time with
Pim Edomskis
Kees Coolen1 time with
Kees Coolen
Jules Royaards1 time with
Jules Royaards
Corry van der Linden1 time with
Corry van der Linden
Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh1 time with
Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh
Jon van Eerd1 time with
Jon van Eerd
Hetty Blok1 time with
Hetty Blok
Lucretia van der Vloot1 time with
Lucretia van der Vloot
Ingrid Simons1 time with
Ingrid Simons
Danielle Mulder1 time with
Danielle Mulder
Babette Labeij1 time with
Babette Labeij
Marielle Fiolet1 time with
Marielle Fiolet
Frans van Deursen1 time with
Frans van Deursen
Bert van den Dool1 time with
Bert van den Dool
Marijke Merckens1 time with
Marijke Merckens

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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