Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Norm MacDonald's voice acting career, they have worked with Phil Proctor the most times ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 519
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Phil Proctor6 times with
Phil Proctor
Fred Tatasciore3 times with
Fred Tatasciore
Tara Strong3 times with
Tara Strong
Greg Ellis3 times with
Greg Ellis
Tom Kenny3 times with
Tom Kenny
Will Sasso2 times with
Will Sasso
Julie Kavner2 times with
Julie Kavner
Adam West2 times with
Adam West
Mary Kay Bergman2 times with
Mary Kay Bergman
Chris Diamantopoulos2 times with
Chris Diamantopoulos
Kevin Michael Richardson2 times with
Kevin Michael Richardson
Frank Welker2 times with
Frank Welker
Ashley Tisdale2 times with
Ashley Tisdale
Stephen Root2 times with
Stephen Root
Frankie Muniz2 times with
Frankie Muniz
Rhys Darby2 times with
Rhys Darby
John DiMaggio2 times with
John DiMaggio
Stephen Stanton2 times with
Stephen Stanton
Tony Sirico2 times with
Tony Sirico
Nolan North2 times with
Nolan North
Josh Robert Thompson2 times with
Josh Robert Thompson
Jane Carr2 times with
Jane Carr
Jonathan Banks2 times with
Jonathan Banks
Jay Leno2 times with
Jay Leno
John Leguizamo2 times with
John Leguizamo
Rob Schneider2 times with
Rob Schneider
Reni Santoni2 times with
Reni Santoni
Carlos Alazraqui2 times with
Carlos Alazraqui
Jeff Bergman2 times with
Jeff Bergman
Gilbert Gottfried2 times with
Gilbert Gottfried
Butch Hartman2 times with
Butch Hartman
Emma Roberts2 times with
Emma Roberts
Ben Stein2 times with
Ben Stein
Patrick Warburton2 times with
Patrick Warburton
Michael Clarke Duncan2 times with
Michael Clarke Duncan
Cedric Yarbrough2 times with
Cedric Yarbrough
Richard Steven Horvitz2 times with
Richard Steven Horvitz
Dee Bradley Baker2 times with
Dee Bradley Baker
Chris Edgerly2 times with
Chris Edgerly
Colin Ford2 times with
Colin Ford
Danny Bonaduce1 time with
Danny Bonaduce
Mindy Sterling1 time with
Mindy Sterling
Rachel Ramras1 time with
Rachel Ramras
Megan Hilty1 time with
Megan Hilty
Bob Odenkirk1 time with
Bob Odenkirk
Lucas Grabeel1 time with
Lucas Grabeel
Michael Dorn1 time with
Michael Dorn
Sean Penn1 time with
Sean Penn
Wendee Lee1 time with
Wendee Lee
Sarah Baker1 time with
Sarah Baker
Michael Rapaport1 time with
Michael Rapaport
Daniel Middleton1 time with
Daniel Middleton
James Hong1 time with
James Hong
Hollis Andrews1 time with
Hollis Andrews
Fred Stoller1 time with
Fred Stoller
Jill Talley1 time with
Jill Talley
Lauren Bacall1 time with
Lauren Bacall
Jim Parsons1 time with
Jim Parsons
Anne Hathaway1 time with
Anne Hathaway
Steve Irwin1 time with
Steve Irwin
Roy Scheider1 time with
Roy Scheider
Paul Zappia1 time with
Paul Zappia
Ariana Grande1 time with
Ariana Grande
Kari Wahlgren1 time with
Kari Wahlgren
Steve Mallory1 time with
Steve Mallory
Heidi Gardner1 time with
Heidi Gardner
James Woods1 time with
James Woods
Al Parrish1 time with
Al Parrish
Catherine O'Hara1 time with
Catherine O'Hara
Steve Buscemi1 time with
Steve Buscemi
Luke Perry1 time with
Luke Perry
Paul Tylak1 time with
Paul Tylak
Maddie Taylor1 time with
Maddie Taylor
Amir Talai1 time with
Amir Talai
Ron Jeremy1 time with
Ron Jeremy
Grace Roebuck1 time with
Grace Roebuck
Michael McKean1 time with
Michael McKean
Gary Hetzler1 time with
Gary Hetzler
Lacey Chabert1 time with
Lacey Chabert
Ken Hudson Campbell1 time with
Ken Hudson Campbell
Jim Ward1 time with
Jim Ward
Carrie Aizley1 time with
Carrie Aizley
Chris Rock1 time with
Chris Rock
Dov Grey1 time with
Dov Grey
Susanne Blakeslee1 time with
Susanne Blakeslee
Abe Vigoda1 time with
Abe Vigoda
Charlie Sheen1 time with
Charlie Sheen
H. Jon Benjamin1 time with
H. Jon Benjamin
Charles Durning1 time with
Charles Durning
James F Dean1 time with
James F Dean
Elliot Page1 time with
Elliot Page
Rachael Harris1 time with
Rachael Harris
Bill Fagerbakke1 time with
Bill Fagerbakke
Tiernan Surlis1 time with
Tiernan Surlis
Allison Dunbar1 time with
Allison Dunbar
Eileen O'Connell1 time with
Eileen O'Connell
Sanaa Lathan1 time with
Sanaa Lathan
Maggie Hildegard1 time with
Maggie Hildegard
Joan Cusack1 time with
Joan Cusack
Drew Carey1 time with
Drew Carey

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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