Miguel Angelo

Miguel Angelo


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Miguel Angelo's voice acting career, they have worked with Marco Antonio Costa the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 85
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Marco Antonio Costa4 times with
Marco Antonio Costa
Andre Maia3 times with
Andre Maia
Telma da Costa3 times with
Telma da Costa
Mauro Ramos3 times with
Mauro Ramos
Francisco Jose3 times with
Francisco Jose
Selma Lopes3 times with
Selma Lopes
Luisa Salgueiro3 times with
Luisa Salgueiro
Claudio Galvan3 times with
Claudio Galvan
Kika Tristao3 times with
Kika Tristao
Jose Raposo3 times with
Jose Raposo
Fernando Luis3 times with
Fernando Luis
Guilherme Briggs3 times with
Guilherme Briggs
Carlos Freixo3 times with
Carlos Freixo
Isaac Bardavid3 times with
Isaac Bardavid
Pietro Mario2 times with
Pietro Mario
Alfredo Martins2 times with
Alfredo Martins
Paulo B.2 times with
Paulo B.
Renato Rosenberg2 times with
Renato Rosenberg
Marcio Simoes2 times with
Marcio Simoes
Dario de Castro2 times with
Dario de Castro
Carlos Seidl2 times with
Carlos Seidl
Susana Felix2 times with
Susana Felix
Andrea Murucci2 times with
Andrea Murucci
Sheila Dorfman2 times with
Sheila Dorfman
Antonio Marques2 times with
Antonio Marques
Marco Ribeiro2 times with
Marco Ribeiro
Marcelo Coutinho2 times with
Marcelo Coutinho
Miguel Rosenberg2 times with
Miguel Rosenberg
Ettore Zuim1 time with
Ettore Zuim
Teresa Sobral1 time with
Teresa Sobral
Julio Chaves1 time with
Julio Chaves
Rita Guerra1 time with
Rita Guerra
Domicio Costa1 time with
Domicio Costa
Jose Figueiredo Martins1 time with
Jose Figueiredo Martins
Lilly Abreu1 time with
Lilly Abreu
Pedro Pinheiro1 time with
Pedro Pinheiro
Marcus Menna1 time with
Marcus Menna
Carmen Sheila1 time with
Carmen Sheila
Joana Freixo1 time with
Joana Freixo
Carmen Caroline1 time with
Carmen Caroline
Rodrigo Antas1 time with
Rodrigo Antas
Sara Tavares1 time with
Sara Tavares
Kacau Gomes1 time with
Kacau Gomes
Jose Santa Cruz1 time with
Jose Santa Cruz
Kiara Sasso1 time with
Kiara Sasso
Elza Martins1 time with
Elza Martins
Jose Jorge Duarte1 time with
Jose Jorge Duarte
Anna Paula1 time with
Anna Paula
Jose Neves1 time with
Jose Neves
Orlanda Velez Isidro1 time with
Orlanda Velez Isidro
Manuel Cavaco1 time with
Manuel Cavaco
Ana Paula Oliveira1 time with
Ana Paula Oliveira
Delores Machado1 time with
Delores Machado
Joao Silveira1 time with
Joao Silveira
Isaac Schneider1 time with
Isaac Schneider
Enio Santos1 time with
Enio Santos
Paulo Oom1 time with
Paulo Oom
Carlos Coincas1 time with
Carlos Coincas
Carla de Sa1 time with
Carla de Sa
Rosa Marya Colin1 time with
Rosa Marya Colin
Bruno Miguel1 time with
Bruno Miguel
Nelly Amaral1 time with
Nelly Amaral
Oberdan Junior1 time with
Oberdan Junior
Antonio Patino1 time with
Antonio Patino
Mabel Cezar1 time with
Mabel Cezar
Renato Rabelo1 time with
Renato Rabelo
Carlos Vieira de Almeida1 time with
Carlos Vieira de Almeida
Jorge Sousa Costa1 time with
Jorge Sousa Costa
Mauricio Luz1 time with
Mauricio Luz
Sabrina Korgut1 time with
Sabrina Korgut
Gabriel Gomes Alves1 time with
Gabriel Gomes Alves
Padua Moreira1 time with
Padua Moreira
Margarida Rosa Rodrigues1 time with
Margarida Rosa Rodrigues
Carlos Macedo1 time with
Carlos Macedo
Pedro Oliveira1 time with
Pedro Oliveira
Renata Lima1 time with
Renata Lima
Patrick de Oliveira1 time with
Patrick de Oliveira
Sonia de Moraes1 time with
Sonia de Moraes
Alexandre Lippiani1 time with
Alexandre Lippiani
Manuela Couto1 time with
Manuela Couto
Fabiola Giardino1 time with
Fabiola Giardino
Cucha Carvalheiro1 time with
Cucha Carvalheiro
Sandra Fidalgo1 time with
Sandra Fidalgo
Garcia Junior1 time with
Garcia Junior
Marya Bravo1 time with
Marya Bravo


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